November Month in Review

Month in Review

Developer Live Stream – Year in Review Q&A

On Thursday November 10th, Creative Director Chris Perkins, Sr. Game Designer Adam Mostel, Lead Programmer Kyle Olsen, and Lead Writer JN Gerhart joined our monthly development live stream to talk about the previous year progress, as well as what is to come.

• The show started with each of our guests talking through their last year of work, their focuses, and their achievements within their teams. We heard about structuring our lore, an in-depth focus on combat, the integration of ViNL, and much more as we talked about 2022.

• As our Q&A section began, one of the biggest topics in the community was the status on our upcoming gameplay stream with CohhCarnage. We talked about how our previous Pre-Alpha test feedback created some areas of opportunity we wanted to address before getting Cohh into the game world. We talked about the importance of driving an organic play session amongst players, rather than a guided gameplay session with developers as we have seen before. Due to the goals set, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with Cohh to setup something we believe will truly show off Pantheon as intended within its Pre-Alpha state.

• The next Pre-Alpha test was discussed further in relation to the Cohh stream, as we discussed wanting to get our VIP testers into the world with the changes being put into place. Furthermore, discussion took place on being very close to setting a more consistent rhythm around Pre-Alpha testing sessions, anywhere from Bi-monthly to monthly depending on testing needs.

• In a rather humorous moment, the community asked JN to explain the pronunciation of the term “Sevil” which was recently a part of a lore feature in our October stream.

• Progress on the new character models was also discussed, in relation to when we can expect them in the game and what their current status is for the Human male and Female models shown a few months back.

• The Warrior class was discussed as the next class that would be added into the game. Adam discussed that it’s ready in a raw form to enter, but currently the teams focus is on the classes that are already in the game, and making sure to dial in the combat experience across those classes before expanding.

• Character customization goals were also discussed more openly than we have before. We talked about having the ability to customize a character, without breaking any lore or characteristics that make the races what they are.

This was a longer stream than most of our development updates, but the team was very open and had a great time. Between joking with one another, and answering any questions thrown their way, there was a lot more to take in than the bullet points above. Make sure to check out the video on-demand on our YouTube page, or the video embedded below to see the changes for yourself.

Parting the Veil Live – Revisiting the Pantheon Difference

In this episode of Parting the Veil Live, we revisit the Pantheon Difference. For those of you unaware of what the Pantheon Difference is, it can easily be defined as key characteristics or systems that we believe will differentiate Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen from other MMORPGs within the genre. We believe that the Pantheon Difference will make Pantheon a truly unique gameplay experience, that is not offered in the market. In this episode we talked about the following topics, and more, while answering some questions from our community:

• A look back at the original Pantheon Difference
• Fractures and the Climate systems
• Environmental Challenges
• Removing the Living Codex and Colored Mana systems
• Perception
• NPC Combat Tactics, Dispositions, and Traits
• Current Plan for Progeny
• The Mentoring System
• Situational Gear
• Refreshing the Pantheon Difference
• Player Reputation

We’d also like to thank all the community members that submitted questions via our various social media platforms. Parting the Veil will not only be a series to provide clear definitive answers to various systems and questions about the game’s development, but also a way to engage with the community around these topics. As discussed on the show, know that our focus continues to be our Roadmap to Alpha, and some of these topics, while designed and ready for implementation, may not be current focuses for development until we reach alpha. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and our dedicated forums to submit your questions and be part of the show. As always, Parting the Veil Live can be watched live on Twitch, and on-demand on YouTube or in podcast form on your favorite podcast apps.

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