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Through MMORPG gaming, a large part of our community has made friendships that have lasted years. We log on to greet our friends across the game world, and sometimes we wait hoping to see their name pop up online. Imagine however, never needing to wait or wonder if your friend will come on, or you’ll have someone to group with on any given day. This is the case for this month’s community feature tandem of Ogreone and Ogretwo – twin brothers that have grown up gaming side-by-side. From playing Super Mario Bros to First Person Shooter tournaments, these two members of our community have always had a rival, a partner, and stories to tell. Join us as we learn more about their bond through gaming.

Before we get into some of the deeper questions, can you both tell the community a little bit about yourselves?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): We’re twin brothers and we’re both plumbers. I enjoy indie/punk music reading fantasy novels, and of course gaming.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): Older of the two brothers. Like O2 said, we’re both plumbers. I enjoy gaming, hiking, and punk music. We’re both fond of MMORPGs and other competitive games like FPS/MOBAs.

So, the community knows you by your original tags on our official discord, but both of you prefer the tags Ogreone and Ogretwo, what is the origin of the ogre names?

THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): We used to really like playing Halo and Halo 2 back in the day and we’re fans of MLG tournaments. We’re twins, so we naturally gravitated towards the MLG Team “Final Boss.” On that team was a pair of twins whose gamer tags were Ogre1 and Ogre2. It was the first time O2, and I had seen twin players as competitive as us. At such a high level as they were, it inspired us. Being the older brother, I naturally got the Ogre1 name and Ogre2 being the younger brother (by 8 mins) got the Ogre2 name.
WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): I think it’s funny he still considers himself the “older” of the two of us, but O1 is right that I was born second and so agreed to take the Ogretwo name for myself. We both have had many names over the years of gaming, but Ogreone and Ogretwo have always been the standout and important names.

When did you both begin gaming together and what are some of your earliest memories?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): Some of the earliest gaming memories I have with Ogreone would be playing Super Mario Brothers on the Super Nintendo as well as Donkey Kong Country. Around 5 years old we would take turns playing a level to see who could beat it first.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): Those early gaming memories with O2 were great, but the ones that stand out to me the most are the early MMO memories. Such as PVPing as a thief in Sillkroad Online stealing traders caravan loot. It wasn’t just O2 and I experiencing the memories, but our friends as well.

Did one of you often win more than the other across your gaming catalog?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): I’m going to regret saying this because I’ll never hear the end of it from him, but Ogreone is usually better at video games than me. He always seems to be more lucky out of the two of us.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): I don’t know about “more lucky” But, the other part I agree with. O2 is the real MVP though, we’ve come out of a lot of hairy situations in game because of him.

When did you get started in MMORPGs, and who was the first to drive that interest between the two of you?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): I had an older buddy who would play Everquest back in the day and I would just watch him play and see all the fun he was having. I ended up telling my brother about it and we tried hard to get the game, but we only had one PC at the time and no way to pay the sub fee so we never were able to experience EQ back then. That was my initial experience with MMORPGs.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): Like O2 said EQ was the game that introduced us to MMOs but we couldn’t pay the sub fee so that drove us to find free to play MMORPGs. We began our MMO journey with Runescape dying in the wild, getting scammed out of all our gold and emote jam sessions dancing to the desert Al Kharid music. Being young and experiencing those things made the game world feel alive. That drove our passion for MMOs eventually leading us to games like Silkroad Online and eventually to Vanilla WoW.

Did you find yourselves always playing together in MMORPGs or did you play with different groups? Did the classes you picked play off one another?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): We would always play together in MMORPG’s. Being a twin means you never have to solo level. Early in our MMO careers we would play damage dealers. I preferred casters usually a mage type class but healing always interested me as well. It wasn’t until later in the MMO journey that we both decided we could really do well if we played healer and tank classes. Me playing the healer and O1 playing a tank.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): We usually find that this works well especially in an MMO, there usually is a shortage of those two roles (tank/healer). We recognize that both roles are vital to groups. We feel comfortable with the mechanics of tanking and healing, and we enjoy playing those roles. As a tank there’s no better feeling than always having a pocket healer!

Who was the first to discover Pantheon, and how did you both get interested in joining the community?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): I was watching Cohh and one day he was streaming this game called Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. My brother and I were both following WoW classic heavily back then waiting for its launch and I saw Pantheon’s gameplay and it really got me excited. I heard Pantheon’s gameplay was EQ like and it brought up old memories of watching my friend play EQ and so I wanted my chance at a game that has roots in older styled games with updated features and systems.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): O2 was the first one to find out about Pantheon. For a long while we had been looking for a good MMORPG to play, we tried everything that was out there, and nothing really stuck with us. Then Classic WoW was announced it reminded me of what things I like in an MMORPG. Group gameplay, challenging engaging world, class identity and most importantly no Pay to win. Classic WoW might have changed since then, but the nostalgia of vanilla wow was still there. Looking for a game with those old school principals lead us to Pantheon and its community.

It may be obvious, but I must ask – Do you both plan on playing ogres in Pantheon, or do you have different ideas in mind? While you’re at it, do you have classes picked out yet?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): It may be a surprise, but I’m going to be playing a Dwarf. I’m almost 99% positive I’ll be playing Cleric. I really like the direction the Cleric is taking in Pantheon.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): Although O2 looks like an Ogre, I’m pretty sure both of us will be rolling a Dwarf. Depending on the class I pick, I’m interested in the Paladin, Dire Lord, and the Warrior! We both usually try and play the same race.

To those that didn’t grow up having a brother, or sibling, to game with, what would you tell us about how that affected you both and continues to affect you both to this day?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): Always having someone to be able to game with is a great thing. Even growing up and playing single player games we would take turns after a death to try to beat the level. It would be a competition and to this day having that other person to compete with drives me to play games well.
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): Although we do compete a lot having someone to always game with is awesome. Always good for a laugh with jokes and banter. It Also helps you overcome challenging obstacles that a single player wouldn’t be able to do. It has helped build teamwork between my brother and I.

Thank you both for telling us a little bit about yourselves, before we wrap it up, what would you all like to say to the community following Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?

WalkingWaste (Ogretwo): Watch out for the Level 3 Deer!
THERIVALMOB (Ogreone): Thanks for giving us the space and time. I’m really encouraged by what I’ve seen from VR this past year. Looking forward to the upcoming year. Onward and upward!

A big thank you to both of you for sharing a bit about yourselves and your upbringing around gaming with all of us in the community. I look forward to seeing you both compete in conquering the world of Terminus in the future. The question is, as the healer, will Ogretwo be to blame when the tank dies?

We are thankful for the amazing stories our community has shared thus far with us. Do you have a story about how MMORPGs have made a difference in your life? Has it driven your creative urges? Has it made you a better leader? Has it helped you overcome difficulties in your life? We’d love to hear your tale, and show why community truly matters. Drop us a line in the forums.

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