Verified Human

Verified Human

What makes an MMORPG unique in its gaming environment is the vast personality types and diversity of its player-base. Whether you are someone who prefers keeping to themselves or a self confessed “flibbertigibbet,” the world of an MMORPG mimics the world around us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The diversity in which players bring to the world helps define that world, and make your character feel like part of something. Where we came from, what inspired us, and what lies ahead of us inspires our characters to adventure and create memories. Today we highlight a flirtatious and excited adventurer looking to make his mark on the world of Terminus, StoneFish.

Hi StoneFish, why don’t you go ahead and tell us a bit about yourself?

Good morning, I am someone human, the “I’m not a robot” check box always verifies me. I live on an island that used to be very quiet and isolated but then the New Yorkers found us so now we have stress and yelling but better bagels. I fix and build things for a living, fix mostly, the things I built. I read a lot but remember little and I love people but enjoy them not being around me. I’m arbitrarily consistent so be easy with me as I’ll always forgive a basic transgression. I hate banana nut bread and never lie.

How long have you been following Pantheon?

In the Spring of 2019, I learned of Pantheon at a Unity3D API test in Boston chatting with peeps way smarter than myself about applications and the idea of an MMORPG was something I had not considered. I looked it up and sent in my shekels by the following autumn.

What got you into gaming?

Atari and Texas Instruments cartridges from childhood. But the big awakening was here [ 41.453272,-70.603295 ] in the brick building across from the hotel that burned down; that I had nothing to do with, I swear. We were network and computer support in the 90s and shared the space with, a dial-up ISP serving the island, so it was the only spot around with high-speed Internet. That week I got a copy of PCGamer and inside was a disk with a key for demoing EverQuest. So Friday night, around 7pm, I installed and created a wood elf that promptly got killed trying to ask the guard a question, then I fell out of the tree, then all of a sudden I looked up from my computer at the high basement window and realized it was a sunny Saturday morning. From then onward multiplayer gaming was my favorite computer activity.

Do you run with a guild or with friends and family?

I am a flibbertigibbet and will game with anyone once. I hope to be a guild member and contribute where I can but I also have a tendency to wander off and sleep around. I enjoy meeting and gaming with new groups because I enjoy judging them and learning about their weaknesses for my nefarious future plans you can learn about if you give me one (1) in-game silver. I hope to be a welcome surprise to anyone that meets me in-game. I love you all; now stay away from me.

What is your favorite part about Pantheon’s community?

The plethora of obviously undiagnosed mental maladies in combination with inquisitive and heartfelt good cheer.

What’s your main class and race combo going to be?

Halfling Ranger, provisions and harvesting. I hope to be skilled at consumables and cooking, in the wild, and in town, for feasting and merrymaking. If I can flex into being adept at fletching or poisons all the better. I’m sketching out the rules for the little Halfling and it will be kind and helpful but ruthless toward injustice and cruelty. It will fall in love easily but fail in staying true. It will give too much and be perpetually poor in coin and treasure. It will run off to chase wraiths and be drawn toward shiny objects.

Are there any systems, features or mechanics that you’re excited about?

There are many, but standouts are the perception system, climbing, dangerous climates and traps. All of the Pantheon tenants hit home with me. The largest draw, in all seriousness, is the tone and demeanor of the people building this game. I have worked in a number of areas throughout my life, some have been and continue to be life support systems, I speak and advise with very serious and responsible professionals and I can recognize quality folks. The people I’ve heard and watched at Visionary Realms appear to be a top-quality group and that’s the biggest excitement; to see what they can do. I just wish I could write a big check and tell them to hire more help.

What is your preferred playstyle, do you zoom around consuming all the content on site, stop and smell the flowers at every opportunity or something in between?

Something in between, this is a recreational pleasure so I create a character and then allow it to develop within the environment. We are all products of our environment and so the Halfling will be following the flow of the game. If something strikes us as interesting then we dive in until we are satiated, then if the spirit is prodded, we wander.

If you could sneak onto the dev servers right now, what would be the first thing that you would do?

Just look around and dream of what’s to come. It’s a home still under construction and I’ve been in enough of those to know that if I can’t be of any use, then to get the hell out of the way and come back when I can contribute.

Thanks StoneFish, finally, what would you like to say to your fellow community members?

I hope you are all happy and safe. I want you all to have fun and find success in all you do. I want you all to guard your honor but ignore your reputation, reputation is what others think of you, honor is what you know of yourself. Now go out there and buy lottery tickets and lick doorknobs you only live once, I think.

Thanks to Stonefish for sharing a bit about himself, verifying that he is in fact a real human, and expressing his excitement for the development of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. It’s community members like him that help drive our passion for this project.

We are thankful for the amazing stories our community has shared thus far with us. Do you have a story about how MMORPGs have made a difference in your life? Has it driven your creative urges? Has it made you a better leader? Has it helped you overcome difficulties in your life? We’d love to hear your tale, and show why community truly matters. Drop us a line in the forums.

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