January 2022 Month in Review

Month in Review

Developer Live Stream – Roadmap to Alpha Progress Report

On Thursday, January 13th Senior Content Creator David “Roenick” Schlow and Associate Content Creator Tony “Minus” Guidi hosted Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins to comb through the Alpha Roadmap and discuss progress on a variety of important topics.

• David opened the stream by talking about upcoming changes to how development streams will be approached. The streams will be heavily focused on discussing the month-to-month development progress from the team, but with goals of aiming for a 30-minute stream length. This is to make the news more digestible and shareable, as we already offer an hour-long developer conversation monthly with the VIP Roundtable. Minus will be joining him as co-host on the streams moving forward, and discussed the plans to include premade content at times to show on the stream.

• The first images were revealed showing the beginning placement of trees and foliage. Chris explained that while the world was looking great, the early progress is only a small bit of what they will be able to accomplish with the finalization of the new rendering instance system and tools that come with it.

• Kyle Olsen provided a networking update with a video demonstrating the efficiency of the new network stack which is in the process of being implemented. In the video he explained how the system is designed to be very low on power and processor consumption to the server. He explained how this can really help with costs later in development that come to hosting servers, which is usually a large cost to games within the genre.

• We got to see first looks of the new material library for metals within Terminus. From design to concept art, to usable materials, Chris discussed how David B., Jared, and Phillip have worked together to create a tool that can be easily used to create item variance across armors, weapons and more. These distinct materials will have meaning within the world and be discovered across the dangerous climates and environments across the planet. Chris also hinted that it doesn’t just stop there, as we will soon see similar treatment for leather, cloth and other material types.

Get in depth conversation on the topics above as well as details on class development, Animations, UI development, and more by watching the stream on YouTube linked below.

VIP RoundTable Recap

As a reminder, the VIP Roundtable is now available in podcast form. You can find it on all your favorite podcast apps like iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many many more. Be sure to subscribe if you enjoy listening to it on the go and share it out to friends and family!

Community Manager Ben “Kilsin” Walters returned to host the December VIP Roundtable and was joined by Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins and Associate Game Designer Adam “Tehom” Mostel to discuss the Art of Combat. Below are some key topics they discussed:

• Accessibility and Combat Tells
• Will Pets be Automated or Controlled
• How to Balance Support Classes
• Perception Playing a Role in Adventure and Combat
• Capability of Flex Roles for Classes
• Epic Quests
• Monk Weapon Capability Update
• Caster NPC Logic

However perhaps the two biggest announcements came near the end of the stream where Chris and Adam were asked to give some new combat info that they felt the players would be excited about. Chris revealed the development of a sprinting system and Adam revealed a big change to spell casters, in which critical damage and chance would not be part of how casters are built. You can hear that exact clip from Adam in our first release of “Fragments of Terminus” on YouTube.

Want to know more? Make sure to download the podcast or check out the YouTube on-demand video below!

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