Enchanting Pantheon Discovery

Enchanting Pantheon Discovery

We at Visionary Realms are incredibly thankful for our passionate fans. From artists, to writers, to content creators and more, our community is united by love for something new–deep rooted in story driven experiences to create new long lasting memories. While we create means for the community to stay informed, it is our community that often adds depth to the flow of information in the development process. In today’s feature, we highlight one of our most dedicated community members, who makes it her priority to keep information accurate and up to date for the community to explore. From her work in a Pantheon dedicated Wiki, to her contributions as a curator of the Library of Pantheon, Moxie is a dedicated historian of all things Pantheon, and a huge fan of the Enchanter class. Today we are excited to learn more about her, and share it with the community.

Hi Moxie, why don’t you go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Heyya all! The community might know me as “that thalassophobic enchanterphile”. But behind the keyboard, I’m really a thalassophobic writer with a gaming obsession. By day I work on my family’s farm in the northwest US and by night I scrub Pantheon videos for interesting tidbits.

How did you get into gaming?

I started gaming very young with “edutainment” games, which evolved into an addiction to classic point-and-clicks. One day I saw an EverQuest expansion advertised in, I wanna say PC Gamer, and being a big RPG fan, I asked my parents if I could play it. I was about 12 when I started and before I knew it, I had played for more than 10 years. To any Luclin-Stromm players out there, /wave from Starfiremt/Obisidian/Taseis!

How long have you been following Pantheon?

I first heard about it probably in late 2015 from my brother. I didn’t pay it much mind at first, but not long after I heard about it I retired from EverQuest and began to look at it more seriously. I really started keeping tabs on Pantheon in mid-2016.

What is your favorite all-time game and why?

I’m torn between Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Baldur’s Gate. I play through them both once a year, at least. But I’ll have to say Heroes of Might and Magic 3. The soundtrack in that game is amazing (and done by the same guys who did EverQuest’s soundtrack!) and the mix of turn-based strategic combat and RPG elements is really addicting. It’s just such a unique gameplay experience. The weakest point of the game is definitely the story. Baldur’s Gate wins that category hands down!

Can you tell us a bit more about the Wiki you have been a big part of?

I started contributing to the wiki when it was still hosted by Gamepedia, a few months after I learned about the game. I figured it was a good way to do my own little part for the game and the community. My hope for the wiki is that it can be a place for people to find all the information they might need or want. Trivia, patch notes, news, links to official sources, guides – everything. I’m the kind of person who treasures the experience of going into the game spoiler-free, and experiencing things for myself, but I also know that sometimes you need an extra helping hand. When text alone isn’t enough, I hope the wiki can be another tool available to players to find answers.

Do you have any plans for your YouTube channel?

I’d love to do some sort of Pantheon content, though I’m not sure what to do just yet. I’d also like to dip my toes into streaming Pantheon once we get to that point and I finish my workroom! Beyond that, I plan on continuing to play other games as a way to connect with my family.

When Pantheon launches, what will be your main character’s class and race?

Class is easy. Enchanter all the way! I loved the first version we got to see back in the day, and it’s only gotten more and more enticing. As for the race, I’m not set on one yet, since I haven’t seen everything that each race has to offer, so I’ll go the safe route of Human. For now!

Is there a favorite feature or mechanic in Pantheon that you’re most looking forward to?

The focus on class identity and interplay is probably my favorite feature and Disposition is definitely my favorite mechanic so far. I’m big on strategy so the extra layer that Dispositions add to an encounter and the added bit of mystery to each possible pull is exciting to me. I love the idea that you can’t just assume every fight will go down the same.

What is your most memorable Pantheon moment so far?

When I submitted my Pantheon character’s backstory to a contest held by one of the fans and won a 50$ pledge. Something I wrote won! *squeal*

Thanks for taking the time to join us, Moxie, is there anything you would like to say to your fellow community members?

To the community – stop encouraging VR to develop more water content! Jokes aside – y’all are pretty awesome already. With open minds, patience and respect for every new member, we can continue to grow stronger and one day we won’t just be the community surrounding Pantheon, but the foundation of the community within it.

To the VR team (you guys are part of the community, too!) I just want to say you can leave the ocean floors and stuff gray-boxed. No sane person will go down there, anyway! Oh and that your passion is infectious, your dedication is inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work today, yesterday and all the days to come.

Take care of yourselves and I can’t wait to explore, climb, craft and dungeon crawl with you all!

Thank you to Moxie for sharing a bit about herself with the community. We will be looking forward to seeing all her future offerings, as well as some exciting Enchanter streaming when the time comes.

We are thankful for the amazing stories our community has shared thus far with us. Do you have a story about how MMORPGs have made a difference in your life? Has it driven your creative urges? Has it made you a better leader? Has it helped you overcome difficulties in your life? We’d love to hear your tale, and show why community truly matters. Drop us a line in the forums.

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