Month in Review

Month in Review

In the development of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, 2022 was quite the eventful year. After discussing our new network solution ViNL, and showing our graphical growth with our conversion to HDRP, we have all been anticipating showing the results to our amazing community.

It was always our goal to get to a point where we could feature gameplay content more consistently, and December was a major leap to that goal. With the amazing support of newly announced investor and successful streamer Cohh Carnage, we broke through that wall with early character gameplay and kept that going with a developer group tackling overland dungeon content to wrap up December. Check out the content offerings below if you missed it!

As a reminder, you can always catch up on content on our YouTube Page or download some of our podcast style content on any of your favorite podcast apps for on-the-go listening. As a special holiday release for the community, we will be releasing our first ever Bring Out Your Dead podcast, in which David “Roenick” Schlow interviewed Steve Clover, Co-Creator of Everquest and Pantheon Senior Programmer. While this is typically a VIP exclusive, we wanted to give our community something extra this month. Look for the podcast to release on YouTube and in podcast form on December 28th.

Cohh Carnage Streams Pantheon Pre-Alpha

On December 10th 2022, streamer and friend of Pantheon, Cohh Carnage took part in the first live stream of a Pre-Alpha session since our conversion to HDRP and our new ViNL Networking solution.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch as Cohh starts up a Monk and a Cleric and plays through some of the opening levels of the classes. The experience was completely unguided during our 24-hour Pre-Alpha test that same day. Watch as he interacts with players, is saved from skeletons, and learns his way around Terminus.

Special Developer Live Stream – Adventure in the Goblin Caves

While Cohh showed off some early starting content, we wanted to go one step further as we took a group of adventures into our overworld, well… underworld dungeon, The Goblin Caves. Led by Saicred on the Dire Lord, a group of developers prepared and adventured into the dark caverns under the soil of Thronefast battling their way through hordes of goblin foes, in search of their infamous goblin chief. Did the group of adventurers achieve their goal, or fall to the dangers that lurked within?

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