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Disparate Worlds

We are very thankful that talented content creators have devoted time to spreading the news and development of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. While the content is valuable, what is even more important to us is the impact these individuals have on promoting a welcoming and connected community around our game. MMORPGs have always bonded people from all over the world, creating friendships that can last a life time. In this month’s community feature we highlight a team of content creators that first met one another in an MMORPG universe, and have since been friends, forging forward in creating content for a genre they love. Join us in learning a bit about the faces behind Disparate Worlds, Moxys and Sechari.

Let’s start by learning a bit about each of you, and when you both started gaming and the games that have had the biggest impact on you both.

Moxys: This is gonna tell everyone how old I am… Assuming you’re talking computer games, I started gaming in the mid 70’s as a young kid. I remember getting Pong and being so excited. Seeing the improvements over the decades really excites me for the future of computer gaming. The biggest impact game for me was Everquest. The idea that I could play an adventure game with others online in real time was amazing. I made friends in EQ that I still have to this day.

Sechari: I remember playing Pitfall and Dig Dug on a monochrome monitor sometime in the ‘90s, so I feel like I grew up with computers. Although I was in South Africa, I managed to play whatever versions we had of popular console systems in the U.S. I played a lot of Counterstrike in college and then stumbled over Star Wars Galaxies one day. I’ve been an MMO player ever since.

How did you come to meet and what led you to deciding to create content together? Was Disparate Worlds your first-time making content together?

Moxys: We both played Start Wars the Old Republic. I was involved in a podcast called Passionately Casual. Sechari was invited on to be a guest co-host and never left.

Sechari: Like a fungal infection.

Moxys: We had great fun doing that show for several years. We developed a friendship and it endured beyond SWTOR. I moved back to Texas about 4 years ago and we now live about 20 minutes apart. Disparate Worlds came from a desire for both of us to do another project together but not being able to come to a single game to cover.

Sechari: Right. I was hoping to talk Mox into launching a podcast with me about Ashes of Creation and it turns out he was hoping to talk me into launching a podcast about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Moxys: Over lunch one day, we brainstormed and decided to cover both Pantheon and Ashes. The games, while both sharing a desire to revisit the social and challenge elements missing from modern MMOs, are so different. A thesaurus led us to “disparate”.

Sechari: Honestly, I was amazed “Disparate Worlds” wasn’t already owned by someone.

How would you each define your roles in the content creation process?

Sechari: I do all the work and Mox rides my coattails.

Moxys: Largely, this is true, however, I did score our biggest episode in interviewing Nephele while Sechari has yet to build any inroads with the Ashes people.

Sechari: That’s also true. You’re letting me down, Steven! Do you think Joppa can put in a good word for me? Seriously though, when we do our talk show, we binge catching up the day we record and then we meet super late at night on Discord and each record ourselves. I then cover editing the episode while Mox handles promotion on social media.

It’s known that you cover both Ashes of Creation and Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. So which came first between the two of you, and how did Pantheon get on your radar?

Moxys: I have been following Pantheon since about 2018. As I mentioned, EQ was a favorite, but I also played Vanguard. I admired Brad McQuaid quite a bit. Ashes wasn’t even on my radar until Sechari told me about it.

Sechari: Yes, and I learned about Ashes of Creation first in 2019, but it was so far off I chose to put on the back burner. I had trouble finding a new MMORPG after we stopped playing SWTOR and I began to explore it more actively. The more excited I got, the more I thought about launching a show to cover it.

What has it been like joining the Pantheon community, and its pack of dedicated content creators?

Moxys: The Pantheon community is great. They have accepted us readily. In all honesty, much better than the AoC community. Also, speaking as a 1st round pick of the 2021 Pantheon+ Draft, I am the better half of this duo.

Sechari: Yes, gaining traction in the AoC community has been slower than we’d like, so we have very much appreciated how quickly the Pantheon community was to embrace us. Even when they do something to inflate Mox’s already-overblown ego.

What about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen excites you the most, and what topics do you like covering the most in your content about it? Do you have a favorite piece of content you’ve created or been a part of?

Moxys: There’s so much. The faction system, perception, meaningful character progress. But the thing I am most looking forward to is a non-toxic community. WoW and SWTOR have really taken the wind out of my sails as far as general chat goes. I usually turn it off.

Sechari: I’ll second that about toxicity in the community. It is important to both of us to promote positive culture where everyone is treated respectfully. Ironically, that’s the last thing we do with each other LOL. I think we are both thoroughly enjoying our reaction livestreams where we pick videos from fellow content creators and comment as we go.

Will you be playing classes that complement each other so you can level up together, or do you typically play as much as you can whether the other is on or not?

Moxys: My life is much more flexible than my cohort’s. We will play together, but there may be an alt or two in my stable. At the height of my SWTOR stint, I have several dozen alts. I may have had a problem.

Sechari: What was the last count? 40?

Moxys: Oh no, it was much higher than that. 90 or so was my highest.

Sechari: I had maybe 8 over the course of the 10 years I played. I do see us grouping up to engage the content quite a bit, including leveling. I think Mox wants to play an Enchanter and (the last time I thought about it) I am leaning toward wizard, so assuming we play on those alts together, we’ll have plenty of room for friends to join us. LFM Tanks, Healers.

Who is the better MMORPG player between the two of you, and why?

Sechari: Oh, my goodness, you’re trying to start a fight. A PVP fight??

Moxys: Sechari hands down. He has a real ability to strategize and break an encounter down into approachable bites. He’s an INTJ if you’re into that alphabet soup stuff, rational and determined. It helps quite a bit.

Sechari: Except I can’t beat the hammer brains in New World. So, what’s that worth?

Ok, the spotlight is yours – Each of you give the community a pitch on why they should subscribe to your channel, how they can follow your content, and what they have to look forward to!

Moxys: We make the best cringe content on the internet.

Sechari: Hands down.

Moxys: We did come out of the gates hot and it ended up being a bit much on Sechari as he edits our episodes. He is a perfectionist. We ended up taking a break at the end of ‘21 into ‘22. We never abandoned the project, but needed a better plan. We brainstormed over lunch again one day and rebooted in mid ‘22 with an eye on balance. We now have our regular podcast style episodes which we use to compare and contrast Pantheon and that other MMO. We also have short news-centric episodes called briefs which are unedited and just cover news on our respective games. And our newest addition is reviews of other creator’s content in a livestream format. This also requires no editing, so we have been able to produce more content and still reduce the editing. Come take a look, especially if you want to see how Pantheon and AoC are different.

Sechari: Stealing Mox’s line here, you can find us on YouTube @disparateworlds and the same on Twitter. Facebook at /disparateworlds.

Thank you both for your support and constant feedback, it’s been valuable to us, and helping to keep the community engaged. Are there any final words you’d want to say to the community out there following Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in its development?

Moxys: I think the most important thing to understand about Pantheon is that this is not a huge studio. It will take time to launch. The wait will be worth it from what I have seen in pre-alpha.

Sechari: There’s definitely room for more than one MMORPG out there. A rising tide floats all ships, and so many MMO players have been hungry for a return to “classic” elements of MMOs from before the days of cash shops and corporate interests. Pantheon has managed to stay true to that vision and I am excited about getting a chance to play.

A big thank you to both of you for sharing a bit about yourselves and giving us a glimpse into how your journey into content creation came to be. We look forward to seeing all 90 of Moxys’ alts and watching Sechari carry him to victory! Jokes aside, thank you for all you do as part of our wonderful community.

We are thankful for the amazing stories our community has shared thus far with us. Do you have a story about how MMORPGs have made a difference in your life? Has it driven your creative urges? Has it made you a better leader? Has it helped you overcome difficulties in your life? We’d love to hear your tale, and show why community truly matters. Drop us a line in the forums.

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