August Month in Review

Month in Review

Developer Live Stream – Class and World Building Progress

Our August 2022 development stream focused on highlighting the upcoming Pre-Alpha test slotted for September. In this stream we discussed the available classes for the test, as well as delving into some changes around them. We also took questions from our VIP community around the upcoming test and what to expect. Finally, we left our viewers with a look at the world of Terminus over the last year, highlighting in-game video from the previous PA tests in 2021, and what those areas look like now. Here are some more bullet points about the stream:

• Changes to the starting area of Thronefast were discussed, including the differences the new world terrain will play in exploration
• The introduction to crafting and gathering will be featured in the upcoming test
• Weapon techniques, which have been discussed in recent content releases, will be fully available to test
• Testing focus items were highlighted as combat pacing, including downtime and difficulty, as well as the feel of class changes
• With the newly implemented ViNL networking solution, another focus item in testing will be stability and performance feedback
• Updates were provided on character models, including rigging work and aesthetic work being completed on the human male model, as well as nearing completion on the human female model
• Currently unrepresented races – The Skar, Dark Myr, and Archai – are a focus of the new character development pipeline
• Cleric was announced as a playable class in the upcoming test, joining the Dire Lord, Wizard, Shaman, Rogue, Monk, and Enchanter
• The Dire Lord, Wizard, and Shaman were featured in a segment highlighting the design changes and updates

To get more depth on the above points as well as additional topics, check out the video on-demand on our YouTube page, or the video embedded below.

CohhCarnage hosts a Funding and Development discussion with Chris Rowan and Chris Perkins

At the end of July CohhCarnage hosted a special developer’s roundtable on his Twitch channel to discuss an exciting funding announcement and talk through the recent development of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. He was joined by CEO Chris Rowan and Creative Director Chris Perkins. A variety of topics were discussed:

• The evolution of the MMORPG genre
• Bringing in an additional 2.4 million in equity funding
• Discussion around the investment process and protecting the vision of Pantheon
• CohhCarnage announcing being part of the recent investment group
• Discussing how crowdfunding plays into Pantheon’s development
• The core values behind Pantheon’s development
• The team behind the game and growth
• Tools behind development
• Upcoming focus on art and content
• Terrain and world building
• Focus on getting back into Pre-Alpha
• CohhCarnage announces streaming Pantheon in the next few months
• Q&A from the live chat and various Pantheon communities

Learn details on all these topics and much more by checking out the stream on demand via YouTube or the link below.

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