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“The Grind” has kept some people from joining their friends in playing MMORPGs in the past. With no plans for quest hubs, how will Pantheon appeal to players who aren’t interested in a grind and want story-driven content?

Gaining experience by any means, including killing mobs, finishing quests, and so on is still the fundamental way to keep track of a character’s vertical progression and accomplishments. That much is similar between earlier MMOs and Pantheon and, really, between almost all MMOs.

The Perception system is our answer to boring quest hubs and being told to accomplish things that really have nothing to do with the environment and the lore. By using your Perception skill, by finding Perception triggers, and by following them where they lead, you will be doing ‘quests’, but quests given to you in context by the environment. You can be rewarded in just as many ways as a traditional quest: experience, items, a quest token, etc., as well as with special skills and abilities.


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