Community Spotlight – Nagasakee, Making Gamers Look Cool

Nagasakee, Making Gamers Look Cool

Going into these community interviews, there is no set expectation but sometimes we come across a community member who makes you want to sit down and listen to their story. Nagasakee is one such individual. I was so happy to read his story and get to know him, and I know our community will as well. He is definitely one of the fine people following Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen that makes gamers look cool.

First, thanks so much for agreeing to do this. This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other just a bit more. You have been a pretty vocal and interactive member of the community, can you start out by telling us a bit about your gaming history?

Nagasakee and hero QB, Fran Tarkenton

Ack! Don’t wish to be known as “vocal”. Not sure “vocal” is good? At 70, (Get OFF my lawn!) I am likely older than most of the Pantheon community so my gaming history goes way, way back. I started gaming on a Commodore 64, then progressed to an Amiga, which I still believe was the best gaming computer ever made. I beta-tested several games and apps for it: Skyline/Atredes BBS, The Microfiche Filer, Gridiron!, Cannon Fodder, and a couple of the SSI gold box D&D and AD&D games. I always loved Dungeons and Dragons. I finally progressed to PC/Windows games and spent years there and eventually did some testing for a new 1999 game that was coming out called EverQuest, which I’ve played since its release. I later played EQ2 to end game and even later discovered the Vanguard simulator. Finally, this is actually my second Pantheon profile. Draq did the first here 2-3 years ago at the old Pantheon blog.

Okay, let us move away from the term “vocal” and go with, “supportive”? I’m 47 and already very “get off my lawn”, so consider yourself in good company. When did you learn of Pantheon and what made you want to follow development so closely?

Well, you likely hear this a LOT, but you look far younger than 47. I learned about Pantheon in 2019, shortly before Brad passed. I wasn’t honestly all that interested in it, but I had lost the game I WAS interested in (EverQuest Next) three years earlier and had been stuck playing mostly RPG and sports games. Think Madden, Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed, Shadows of Mordor, Cyberpunk etc. When Brad passed, I actually found myself rooting hard for VR to not only recover but succeed and thrive. I was still working then and flush with ill-gotten and undeserved IT salary money, so I donated. I think I started out pledging at the Advisor’s level, and soon progressed to VIP. Pantheon fills a deep gaming hole or a need I have. I like playing with other people, people whom you become close to, friends in fact and have found several here. I like to group with members of The Olde Timers Guild: Pada, a sweet woman who’s thankfully older than me, Holdolin, Kridak, Gaithen, Brisban, Buffbot, and several others that are just fine high-caliber people. Where else can you find good mature (?) folks to game with? I also love Pantheon’s tenets, the classes, and even the lore now that Therek has infected me.

First, flattery will get you everywhere, thank you. Second, Therek’s lore mastery is the best. There is something about the spirit of our community that just isn’t quite the same in any other game, and I love the shoutouts.

Now, I don’t want to make any assumptions, but based on your posts on Discord, you seem to be a fellow monk fan. Is the monk your chosen class? Are there other classes that strike your fancy from time to time?

Best friends: Merry, Pippin, and Viking

Monk? Never heard of that class… Yes, Monk will be my main. I have loved them since D&D. My character name came from D&D in fact. I was the first monk anyone in my group had made, and in the first fight I killed a wounded mob several levels above me, and one other player said “This class hits like a nuclear bomb”, and so ‘Nagasakee’ was born. “Waa” comes from the Island of Wa from D&D, EverQuest would not allow 2-character surnames. I found a home with the EQ Monk, the sash/headband quests, the epic(‘s), and the Monk guild in Freeport. I was an officer in an all-monk guild called the Zan Fi Monks, Some test Pantheon as VIPs now! I like Monks largely for the lore, and because as DPS they have to stand and fight in the face of the enemy. And they don’t have the armor to do it, so there’s tension and danger at all times with death a very possible outcome. You know, like marriage.

I’ve played the Pantheon Cleric, Shaman, Dire Lord and Wizard extensively. I have liked them all, but I expect to have Paladin, Summoner and Druid alts when game launches.

Ah, an altoholic. All good choices. I will refrain from commenting on the marriage bit because, if you know, then you know, right?

I know you have opinions, so I’m going to ask what is one thing that you think Pantheon does right and one thing that you think we really need to work on?

VR does a lot of things right. Your heart is in the right place for sure. You also chose some excellent people. I’ve always liked and respected Ben Dean, know 100% that Joppa was the right man for the job, think Nephele, Roenick, Kyle and Steve Clover in programming and “Savage” (I can never remember her name) were some of the best hires VR ever made!

On the negatives, there are a few too. I’d truly like to know your roadmap: when will the new models be done, when will all classes be in, when can we get into AVP (or is game being released with only ONE zone…don’t ban me!) I think VR’s marketing efforts are fragmented, and the website is out of date, like, er, always.

I think these are all fair points and probably all concerns that most of the community share. Part of my job has been to highlight these things for the team and then start chipping away at them. Specifically, updating the website is one of my focuses, so everyone should be seeing those happen, bit by bit. As for this “Savage” person. She sounds amazing, I’m sure I’d love her.

Not everyone may know but you have some beautiful dogs. A golden retriever, a sheltie, and collie. How are you keeping dog hair out of your gaming rig. Seriously, those of us with high shedding dogs need to know.

Collection includes a Strat signed by Burton Cummings

Thank you Savanja. Two of them are old boys 13 and 12, One’s a spry girl at 3. The boys and I hope we are still alive when Pantheon releases. They are wonderful, but I do have to sweep and vacuum every darn day. I have a sign in my kitchen that says “Dog Hair is a Condiment in this House!”. Years ago I learned I have to keep my PC’s high off the floor and blow out my PC dust screens each and every week.

It is a never-ending task. My lab leaves a wake of fuzz everywhere he goes. What is something about you that other people may be surprised to know?

Everybody knows I worked in IT, with my biggest accomplishment running the IT side for the Ed McMahon American Family Publisher Sweepstakes for Time Warner each year. I also had a somewhat mediocre musical career. I’m a guitarist and songwriter. Had a long career as a session man and played outdoor concerts with The Riffparrots Blues Band in Florida. They are gone and unknown now. I have written and sold material for a myriad of bands and genres like zydeco, Irish folk, blues, and rock. I sold my songs and signed NDAs so can’t tell you who, but some were rather decent names. I may have dated Faye Dunaway (once) decades ago and became well-known in the Boston club scene under the tutelage of Mickey O’Halloran at Bunratty’s, aka The Rat. I also ran over the The Man From UNCLE in my car (David McCallum actually, he played Illya Kuryakin. As a busboy I served Bob Crane, Werner Von Klemperor (Col. Klink) and Leon Askin (General Burkhalter) all from Hogan’s Heroes. I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings fan too. I’m the oldest of 11, so yeah I’m Irish Catholic.

That is some crazy happenings, my friend. Now I have to do some sleuthing to find out more about The Riffparrots Blues Band.

Nagasakee, it has been an absolute joy learning about you and your life. Thank you so much for opening up to me and the community and thanks for your support of Pantheon.

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