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    July 10, 2018 6:16 PM PDT

    As part of Pantheon Crafters weekly roundtable, I have posted a new thread asking whether there was a way of getting more synergy between raiders and high-end dungeon runners and crafters.

    I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject. You can find the post here:

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    July 20, 2018 12:09 PM PDT

    Sorry I have a quick response and prefer the ease of responding here

    What if high level crafters can improve raid loot.  ie if your a grandmaster weaponsmith, you can increase the damage or add a short duration freeze effect to the sword you get from a high end raid encounter.

    This keeps crafters from affecting the volume of raid loot.  Raiders tend to dislike it when a crafting item drops in place of another item on the encounter loot table, or a raid wizard 'steals' a sword drop from the raid main tank with the intent of salvaging it so the wizard can make a staff.

    Keeping endgame crafting as bonuses crafted onto raid items doesnt take anything away from the value of raiding or the value of tradeskilling - as both are required to aquire a BiS item.

    There should still be fully crafted items from raid trash clearing and group encounters, and that gear can be valuable for gearing up in preparation for the raid encounters but not required.

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    July 20, 2018 11:23 PM PDT

    I was wondering if a crafter would able to chang the graphic on a raid loot item.  Not the func or type but changing a mace to a hammer or sword to ace?

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    August 13, 2018 11:25 AM PDT

    i have a few interesting ideas about Raids and Crafters. so lets start with an assumption that Guild Houses will be a thing do housing being a good source of clientel and good way to pass time, not to mention Stonemason being a craft specialization.

    1: Raid Quality Crafting stations: say for example you go to an end game, or intermediate raid zone with a group of friends. in the Drwaven Mountain Fortress nestled in the Thunderclap Peaks there is a legendary foundry, where it's said that a hammer of the gods, echoes through the mountain vallies everytime thier smith hammers away a new weapon. upon killing the Boss, he lobs his legendary hammer into the foundry filled with molten steel or gold. this is where if you have a maxed level blacksmith, he can operate the foundry and cast all the molten metal from the foundry and retirve the hammer, to use as a crafting tool to increase the rate in which he can craft a higher quality or make items faster (based on a Problem/solution minigame system or what have you). But then! if you have a max level Stonemason, he can use his knowledge of archatechure to dismantle the foundry and relocate it to you're guild hall, enabling other certain things to be crafted, or giving a passive buff to anyone using that work bench for blacksmithing.

    2: Raid Drops based on specialization: lets say you are raiding the same dugneon for example, perhaps the dwarven smiths drop Ancient Dwarven Ore, which is the only source of the material, and once you have the foundry you disassembled and took back to your Guild Hall, you can melt these nuggets into ingots and Craft raid quality swords and armor, assuming your smith does the minigame properly and gets the equipment "mastercrafted". this could also promote synergy of guild members taking different crafts and working together, as stated in (Link 1 below). or you could make the foundry into it's own minigame, not requiring several other specified craftsmen, but just members in general wanting to help in this other example (Link 2 below).

    please feel free to ask questions, speculate, and request implementation of another aspect and it'll try to think of a way to combine our ideas on any of my posts to see if we can make an amazing crafting system proposal.


    Link 1:

    Link 2:


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    November 8, 2018 4:56 PM PST

         Implementing special or rare materials in raids would be a spectacular idea. This will push guilds that are more PVP oriented to do more PVE content and be more well rounded. This will also make the PVE oriented players push for other players to have high-level gathering skills or even have the gatherers paid to run raid instances with them. If the PvE players do not take the opportunity to gather what is available then they will lose out on revenue. I would even suggest making the value of the gatherable materials within the raid more expensive than the drops or at least keeping it equal. It would also create more demand in the economy and local marketplace by keeping prices competitive and crafters a means of income. Another thing I would like to see is for gathering bosses to yield different materials that are relevant to all crafts and not just one specifically. I would also suggest that they have raid specific crafting stations that can craft special recipes.