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Crafter's Roundtable: What questions do you have after the DRT?

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    September 12, 2019 10:12 AM PDT

    It's been about a week since we got the recording of the Crafting Developer Roundtable (or perhaps longer if you were a VIP pledge).  By now, we've all had time to listen and think about what was said.  And we must all have many questions.

    So what questions do you have after listening to the Crafting Developer Roundtable?  What do you want to know more about or hear more about from Ceythos and the team?

    (Note from Nephele:  If you haven't seen these before, Crafter's Roundtables are discussion questions that the staff at Pantheon Crafters post periodically for the community.  Our goal with these is to start discussions that might benefit the game's development and allow us to learn more about each other.  We post these both on the Pantheon Crafters site itself as well as here on the official forums.  You can find a complete index to all of the past discussions on our site here.)

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    September 12, 2019 9:11 PM PDT

    Are these the current design goals for harvesting, crafting, and the economy in Pantheon?

    - One character can master all crafting professions, with enough time and effort.
    - All harvest nodes, or all max-tier harvest nodes, will be guarded by enemy NPCs.
    - All harvest nodes will be public, competitive, and first-come, first-served.
    - It will be impossible to harvest any node while either the player, the pet, or anyone else in the harvesters group is on the hate list of any creature.
    - All recipes will be tradeable, including those that are rare or unique
    - All harvested components will be tradeable, including all boss/raid crafting drops
    - It will be possible convert or transmute, even at a loss, common raws to rare, and/or rare to ultra-rare
    - A character can be a level 1 adventurer, and a max level crafter; a "pure crafter".
    - It will be possible to use items from the inventory of another player in a crafting combine/action/recipe.
    - When using NPCs to produce alternate versions of items, the output will be deterministic, not random.
    - Crafters will have crafting gear, tools, and consumables they can equip, upgrade, make and obtain both from NPC's, Quests, or other players.
    - There will always be an equal number of opportunities as complications, as events, per combine or crafting process or mini-game. (for at level combines with at-level gear)
    - Players will make large quantities of all consumables used by other players in the game, exclusively.  NPCs will not provide these, beyond the most basic and/or lower tier consumables.
    - All Harvestables will have exactly zero sale value to NPCs, without first completing non-optional interim processing steps.
    - Items dropped by NPC enemies, including consumables, will have exactly zero currency value to NPCs.
    - All items dropped by by NPC enemies, except consumables, will require interim processing steps before being useable or equipped.
    - Salvage will provide raws for all crafting professions.
    - Harvesting nodes will only spawn on the navmesh, in a location that an NPC can path three navmesh vertices away from, in at least 3 directions.
    - Arbitrage will not be used as an economic feature.
    - It will be possible to search for all items for sale by PCs, either globally or within a tier or region.
    - Placing items for sale on a/the marketplace will include a non-refundable listing fee, and a limited fixed-duration listing duration. (7 days or less)

    If any of these are not current design goals, by all means, someone from VR please enumerate in what way they are not and why not.

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    November 3, 2019 10:50 PM PST

    First post to forum. I throroughly enjoy crafting.

    I am curious if there has been any discussion about real skilll based crafting?. eg. A tale in the desert's blacksmithing and glass blowing systems are the most unique to any mmo I have seen to date.