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“Crafting and the Community” w/ Kidritch

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    June 18, 2019 11:39 AM PDT

    On this weeks “Crafting and the Community” we are spotlighting community member “Kidritch”. A huge thank you from Old School Crafters to "Kidritch@Kidritch" for taking the time to answer these few questions for us. Be sure to check out Kidritch here:

    On Twitter

    And on Twitch TV

    Remember to check back each week as we spotlight a different community member.

    1) Do you enjoy crafting or are you more of the adventuring type?

    I really enjoy both but more often than not I'll be adventuring. Depends on my mood and heavily depends on if the crafting system in any game feels rewarding or leaving me with a sense of accomplishment.

    2) What was your first experience with crafting in an MMORPG?

    My first crafting experience in an MMO was back in the 90s, when Ultima Online was fresh. Fairly primitive but it felt cool to be self sufficient in some areas and have trade for others.

    3) Do you have a favorite type of crafting and if so why?

    Not sure I've ever had a real favorite over the years, usually whatever is most beneficial to the class I was playing. I was really fond of Jewelcrafting when it was first introduced in WoW because it added a whole new element to gearing up and potentially making some pieces of less optimal gear more beneficial. It also involved other crafters/gatherers like Blacksmithing/Mining to add for more interaction with other players if you weren't 100% self sufficient with alts. The economy was also affected for the min/max gems and gave more ways to monetize.

    4) Are you excited with development of the crafting and harvesting skills?

    I am VERY excited about the development of crafting and harvesting in Pantheon. From the info they've already put out, it's clear to me they understand the need for a crafting/harvesting system that needs to be fresh and rewarding. Again, with the intent on involving community interactions more and with new twists like possible buffs or debuffs from certain nodes for example.

    5) And lastly, how important of a role do you feel crafting should play in Pantheon?

    I go back and forth with this because I know there's people out there who don't really care for crafting at all. I think maybe a new system may sway some of them over, but overall I would like for it to be fairly important personally. When it's really rewarding, it will only add to the sense of accomplishment overall and make for a great gaming experience.