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“Crafting and the Community” w/ Chris Kane

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    April 16, 2019 9:23 AM PDT

    On this weeks “Crafting and the Community” we are spotlighting community member “ Chris Kane ”. A huge thank you from Old School Crafters to Chris Kane, Voice Actor and Featured Narrator of the Pantheon Lore Series, for taking the time to answer these few questions for us. Be sure to check out Chris here:

    On Vocal Forge and YouTube

    Remember to check back each week as we spotlight a different community member.

    1) Do you enjoy crafting or are you more of the adventuring type?

    I’m definitely more of the adventuring type. While I do enjoy crafting to some extent I’ve only ever experienced one or two games in my gaming life where I have really enjoyed it. If Pantheon managed to engage me with their crafting system (which looks promising) I’ll know they’ve got something special on their hands!


    2) What was your first experience with crafting in an MMORPG?

    That would be EverQuest. I really enjoyed fletching arrows for people and would travel from zone to zone selling my arrows. It was very simple but I enjoyed providing something that players needed. I would always have people messaging me; “hey do you have any arrows left?”. Not exactly a deep crafting system, but highly entertaining.


    3) Do you have a favorite type of crafting and if so why?

    Modern MMORPG’s have led me down the “mining and smithing” road. But I enjoy crafting armors and useful gear or equipment - typically for myself, since I find crafting for profit almost antithetical to my enjoyment of the process.

    I’ve always thought of my characters as a “war-weary-adventurer” and they should have some skills in making armors. 


    4) Are you excited with development of the crafting and harvesting skills?

    Well, seeing the workbenches screenshot posted in the March 2019 Pantheon newsletter piqued my interest a bit more than I anticipated. So I’m hoping when they flesh it out a bit more my investment will go up.


    5) And lastly, how important of a role do you feel crafting should play in Pantheon?

    I do want it to be robust, but not at the cost of other aspects of the game. 

    In a perfect world, I would love to have a deep and engaging crafting system along with traditional combat mechanics, but I’d rather see the development of core mechanics first then see crafting as a bonus to the gaming experience.

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