Pantheon Production Tracker

Pantheon Production Tracker

Items listed in the table are the current focus for the dev team. As items are completed, they will be checked off (daily or weekly) and as the month closes, checked items will be moved to the lower Completed list. Tags for each item, (World Building, Design, Programming, Concept Art, 3D Modeling, and Animation) show which team is currently working on each item. (

Task item in production – completed

world building: mini caves

world building: caves

world building: tower

world building: Availia

world building: road textures

world building: cave textures

world building: ground textures

design: quest journal
Updated: 9.27.23


  • Added cougar concept
  • Added new toad concept
  • Completed new boar creature
  • Added new fire beetle creature
  • Finished bear model ready for rigging and animation testing.
  • Completed all male armor.
  • Added new art assets for loot crates
  • Mostly finished all set dressing items for Avalia and surrounds.
  • Finished first pass of player customization art assets (not code)
  • Finished primary set of player animation for new art style
  • Added new day/night cycle
  • Finished transition to Azure backend
  • Finished quest system
  • Audio integration
  • Creature’s now spawn and de-spawn based on day/night cycle correctly.
  • Completed LFG tool for finding groups.
  • Extra work on crafting/harvesting.
  • New shader tools for grass/bushes to animate in the wind.

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