September Newsletter


Posted date / 9.18.19

Summer may officially draw to a close here in the Northern Hemisphere next week, but the (hopefully) cooler temperatures won’t slow us down in the least. We’re steaming towards the finish line of Project Faerthale and excited to show you all that we’ve been keeping under lock and key over the past months.

We know that the market for challenging gameplay is alive and well, but we also know that the desire for stronger community oriented worlds is one that is still waiting to be satisfied. Our team is confident that the world we’re building is one that will fill that void, where strong bonds will be forged and lifelong friendships will be made.

September’s newsletter gets underway with the latest from Game Producer Ben Dean in his latest Underwraps column. Ben talks about funding and reveals a new addition to our website that many of you have been inquiring about for a long time. Joppa stops by to answer some of the community’s Burning Questions about class design in Pantheon - make sure to keep your questions coming for this new recurring newsletter feature. September also features art assets being created by Will Barry, as we unveil some of our newest weapon designs and get a peek into the process of forging them in Weapons of Terminus. From the shadows steps our newest Signature Character, a powerful rogue known as Janis Sova, the duplicitous Master of Spies for Queen Amenthiel. We end our newsletter in familiar fashion, with our Community Spotlight. September’s spotlight shines on Stellarmind, who can’t wait to explore every nook and cranny of Terminus, while enchanting its inhabitants along the way.