Posted date / 03.20.19

As we march forward ever deeper into Project Faerthale, we are constantly keeping a singular goal in mind: to create the next great immersive gaming world that empowers the community and creates memories that will last a lifetime. We are continually reminded of how amazing our community is, and extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. It’s been a year since we travelled to PAX East where we met many of our most fervent supporters and made friends with a lot of new folks who loved what they saw in Pantheon. We would like to extend a special thank you to the many supporters who became backers, or upgraded their initial pledge, last year when we offered our PAX East Pledge promotion. It’s been a great year of testing and interaction with you, and we can’t wait for the next phase. In addition to the standard pledge rewards, our VIP backers get access to exclusive events such as our Developer Roundtables. These discussions take place on our Discord server and allow the community to listen in as we answer their questions and talk about various aspects of the game. The most recent roundtable took place in February and featured the Customer Service team of Michael Butler and Jason Bolton as they focused on the current state of CS, our GM roles in testing, and our vision for the future of Pantheon customer service. We still have several packages available for those interested in VIP access.

The March newsletter kicks off with the newest Under Wraps, in which Game Producer Benjamin Dean digs down into the next layer of Project Faerthale. Chris Perkins returns for a new Behind the Design that focuses on our Disposition System, a new game mechanic that adds a layer of strategic depth to the genre. We recently sent out a request on our social media channels for questions for our developers, and the response was impressive. Our newest Q&A utilizes those queries as Chris Perkins jumps in and provides some answers and some intrigue. We finish the March Newsletter off with our favorite feature—our Community Member Spotlight, introducing us to Vigilantee13, who is eager to jump into Terminus and begin wielding supreme magical power!