Producer's Letter - December

Posted date / 12.22.19

Greetings everyone,

As 2019 wraps up, there’s plenty on the plate for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. In this letter, we’ll take a look at the recent livestreams, review the state of the game, and more.

Streams, Streams, Streams!

Since the November newsletter, we ran three livestreams to help you keep up with all things Pantheon.

First, we raided CohhCarnage’s channel with an exciting sneak peek at Faerthale and the new Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen logo. During that stream, we dove into the non-linear storytelling system we call the Perception System. Jared made an appearance to show us the UI components he had been working on. Beware of gasbats if you’re watching this one! You can catch the entirety of this video below.

Just a few weeks later we outlined Combat Resources, the unique resources used by the game’s classes to define the combat style for each class. In response to many requests, we also chatted about the design elements of the new Pantheon logo. We can hardly wait to release new swag with this logo. You can see this video below.

Our third and most recent stream demoed the warrior combat resources in action, as we teamed up with CohhCarnage once again, for a run through Amberfaet. We also showed off our new and improved climbing system, which was well received by all. This is worth a watch, and includes the traditional Roenick’s corpse and a full party wipe when Cohh got a little too ambitious.

We’re not done yet! Monday December 23 at 6pm PST, a team of Devs, QA and Community head back into Amberfaet for a slower, deeper play session than we had time for on the Cohh stream. Joppa will be there to answer your Burning Questions, live on stream. Watch live at

State of the Game

Now that 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to review where we are, and what lies ahead?

First and foremost, we take aim at Pre-Alpha 5. This is the major Pre-Alpha session before we move toward Alpha proper. As mentioned in the past, our goal was to get Pantheon to a stage that presented a true sense of the Pantheon experience as a whole before inviting folks to PA5. This meant a lot of systems had to be implemented on the Test server, and a lot of tuning needed to be done. We’re almost there!

Of the systems completed for PA5 (with varying degrees of polish and tuning), we offer a Chat System; Basic Climbing; Atmospheres; Climates and Acclimation; Perception; Basic Travel tools (like binding and gating); all classes are currently playable; world and player persistence (this creates the ever-living world regardless if you are online or offline); a basic pet system; basic crafting and harvesting; unique NPC Behaviors and Dispositions; a further-refined UI; a faction system; and an updated combat and resource system.

What’s left before we open up PA5? This list is a lot shorter. The living codex that governs the spell and ability system is in progress. We are refining and tuning some of the above listed systems, something that will continue through Alpha and Beta. Apart from that, it’s mostly content work -- finishing up zone areas (Faerthale has several play spaces, the last of which is currently under construction) adding population, itemization, more quests and storylines.

Visionary Realms’ Momentum

The passing of Brad McQuaid in November was a tragic blow for us all. But, as Brad wanted, Pantheon’s team steadfastly marches on. Production hasn’t wavered one iota and the entire team is just as committed to bringing the game to life as it ever was. Perhaps even more so. Within the last month alone, and as of this writing, we've done 296 new game builds. We’re currently on build 0.5.499.12434 (12/19 at 12:18pm). We think Brad would be rather proud of this entire crew.

In Brad’s memory, a scholarship has been set up at the Laguna College of Art and Design. You can read the scholarship announcement and details here.

Pantheon is largely crowdfunded, and we also have some amazing angel investors. One of those investors has opened an investment syndicate to pool smaller amounts for investment in Pantheon. Visionary Realms does not manage this syndicate, but we would be happy to connect you with them if you email We also welcome direct investments into Visionary Realms for accredited investors. Every dollar goes directly to moving Pantheon closer to release.

That’s about it for this month! 2020 promises to be a great year for all of us and there will be a lot more Pantheon to share and explore as the game evolves. From our family to yours, happy holidays and have a great new year.