Community Member Spotlight - Wisdom

What is your main character's in-game name, and how did you come up with it?

A: Well, that’s an interesting tale. My in-game character name has always been Wisdom. It’s also one of my real-life nicknames. So, the history goes a little something like this. I have always kept gaming on the DL. I was what you call an “in the closet” gamer, hiding it like an illness. I no longer do this today, but there was a time when a brotha locked himself away in his studio and told his girl that he was down there laying down tracks and editing audio. Instead, he may have been dropping bosses and slaying foes in PvP. This might have even happened all the way up until our team was working on raid progression in Rift. However, I am unable to confirm nor deny this for the record. The name “Wisdom” allowed me to connect these two worlds, and I guess that’s why a brotha chose it. It had to be either Wisdom or Velvet, but the Velvet nick is for a different time and different venue.

The nick started ‘cause, all my baby birds and other cats in the real-world would holla at Lil Wizzy, for a few tidbits of inspiration. Whether it was about money or relationships, or people just needed someone to talk to; cats sought out a young lad for advice. After a while, those baby birds started calling a brotha Wisdom or Wisdom the Wise. For, I always had a quote or a building block to help them in their daily struggles. People need not look to where they fell, that does them no good. One must always, and I mean always, look for where they slipped.

What interests you the most about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?

A: Well, if you have about 45 minutes, I’ll give you the list! Nah, where does a brotha start? What do I dig the most? Well, let me just start with the following and I’ll make this as brief as I can. Pantheon is likely my last stop in the MMORPG genre. We have all been let down so very much in recent years. All the old school type of games are gone. That old style of play feels like myth or a distant memory today. It’s like reading Greek mythology, about the Gods on Mount Olympus or about Hercules and his legendary journeys. You know some of the stuff from the stories have a kernel of truth to them, but much of it is so embellished that you can’t discern what really was. That is how I feel about the MMO community now; my style of game, my desires are but a mere myth of old.

My two favorite games of all time are Star Wars Galaxies and, of course, the reason why I’m here and the reason why Louden and I brought Condemned to this title, B-Rad McQuaid’s last baby, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Even though it had its share of issues upon official release like many titles have, it was still the most fun many of us ever have had gaming. Sure, there is a bunch of stuff that I could talk about like organic PvP, or in-depth meaningful crafting, or even open world dungeons and raids, but that only scratches the surface of what made Vanguard great. The heart of its magic was the sense of community it established. I know Vanguard wasn’t for everyone, but its immersive world and team-driven gameplay are likely the reason I still game today. Our guild formed in Vanguard over 12 years ago, and I’m fortunate enough to play with some of those same members today. I know many don’t consider people they play with online as friends, and nor would I for everyone I’ve played with. But having the rare opportunity to play with the same people for years and work towards common goals in-game, all while sharing what is going on in our lives, has brought me some wonderful friendships. We are truly excited about Pantheon and view it as an opportunity for our team to travel full circle and return to that truly immersive and mythical style of play that has eluded us for so long.

What will your main race and class be and why?

A: This one is easy for me. This is the one that some cats may have heard a brotha talk about in detail on the Voices of Terminus a while back. I am normally not the type of cat who deep dives into a game’s lore, but on that show we discussed the Dark Myr, their past, and how the goddess Syronai brought the Myr race into existence. With kind hearts in a time and place of such destruction, where heroes were needed upon the dying sea, where creatures roamed killing everything in their wake, the Myr stood against these villainous foes.

What I really dig about them is their strong, powerful, righteous, avenger origin, how they fell from grace, and how they became jaded. It’s a very cool story and if you have not yet read it, I suggest you go check it out. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it! Check out Pantheon’s awesome lore, there are plenty of “friends to know and ways to grow” right there on the site. (Insert Reading Rainbow clip)

So, now that we have the race selected, classes are up to bat. The Myr not only have access to almost every class, which is great, but they have access to the two classes I plan to unleash on Terminus. Bard, which I am praying will be so very much like the bard from Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Cleric. What made the bard so special in Vanguard was its versatility. Players could make any type of bard they wished and were even able to make and create their own customizable songs. Bards had invisibility, slow fall, healing, mana regen, and were the fastest class in the game. There were a set number of things one could have in a song, and in increasing their effects or intensity increased mana drain. Putting too much in a song caused the bard to go out of mana with a quickness. A great bard, however, had the tools to aid in almost every situation, if they created the right songs and could swap them quickly and correctly. I respected bards that would use songs to benefit the party and didn’t focus solely on themselves. For a party bard in PvP provided a huge advantage to their team, allowing them to prevail in almost any situation. Bards that truly understood their class, and could maximize the full arsenal of their songs, allowed their group to dominate on the battlefield. In my personal humble opinion, it is the greatest class design ever in the history of MMOs. Thank you Godfather B-Rad McQuaid, and don’t be afraid to recycle greatness.

This cat’s fingers will be crossed, waiting with bated breath, to see if Visionary Realms can cram Bard into release as well as to see if they are able to improve on the greatness of the bard’s class mechanics from Vanguard Saga of Heroes! And hey, if there is no bard at release, no pressure VR! I’ll scrub it up on Cleric in the meantime, but will keep it Dark Myr for life yo!

What is your favorite system, mechanic, or feature so far in Pantheon?

A: So first I’ll talk a little about something that we know will be in for sure at release this time. The word on the streets of Terminus is that additional skills and abilities will be hidden in various locations throughout the world. Players may have to travel with a group vast distances or through a dark deep dungeon to locate a special Cleric ability. There was a similar mechanic in Vanguard where clerics, for example, could learn a new ability that changed a solo buff into a raid buff. That is sick, and I’m looking forward to a more elaborate system in Pantheon—fingers crossed.

But what I dig the most right now? This very second? It would have to be the environmental effects and how they impact gameplay. That is sick to me. Having a land of frost just across a bridge that one must acclimatize to first before you can enter is just awesome. To traverse to a new hazardous land you need to prepare. Because if you really think about it, if I were to travel personally across the world to a land of frozen tundra, if I didn’t have the proper skill set, the proper tools, and the proper knowledge of how-to traverse this new environment, what would happen to me in this new freezing cold harsh realm? Old Wizzie would turn into a baby birdsicle and not the type that a young brotha would chase down the ice cream truck for.

If you could enter the game and visit anywhere in Terminus for one hour, where would you go and why?

A: If I could be anywhere in Terminus for 1 hour, where would I go? Alright, everyone is gonna suspect that I would want to visit the Myr from my previous rendition of their lore package lol. Yeah, I do dig them. Cats might also expect a brotha to head over to Faerthale for a quick minute. But if I had one hour in Terminus, there is only one place I would go. I would seek out to the darkest, deepest dungeon and find the biggest, baddest boss in all the lands. I’d tell that boss to enjoy his limited time in the world as my team and I are coming for him and that dat ass is going to be farm status. I’d also tell him to improve his loot table cause daddy is gonna need some better strings for his Bard.

Finally, if you had to choose between being able to permanently breathe underwater or levitate in Terminus, what would you choose and why?

A: Oh, my goodness. Do I have to choose? I am a Myr for life and that is the only race I shall ever be. And since they can already breathe underwater, I am going to go ahead and reach to the heavens, I am going to touch that sky. I’ll see it all and feel the sun beating down upon me from above and get a little bit closer to that storm for that up-close look. If I can already breathe with the Myr, then I will levitate. As a side note, R. Kelly’s life choices made this section way less fun to write. A brotha use to believe he could fly. That said, I miss you MJ, you’ll always be my original Magic Mike.