Posted date / 04.17.19

With Project Faerthale thundering ahead, our internal excitement level has never been more palpable. New members of the team are hitting their stride and synergy levels are at an all-time high. It’s truly an exciting time to be a member of the Visionary Realms team and working on Pantheon. Our team isn’t just the folks listed on the About Us section of the website however. As a game that is largely crowdfunded, everyone who has pledged, created a fan site, or told a friend about the game is also a member of our team.

Did you know there will be a special section in the game world commemorating many of our supporters? This is just one of the Pledge Rewards that are being detailed this month as we update and begin to finalize our reward descriptions. Benjamin Dean is back with his latest musings in Under Wraps where he continues to illuminate the processes and design decisions that go into making Pantheon. He also spills the beans on our next Twitch stream with CohhCarnage. While the persistent character races that players can choose get the most attention, the NPCs that toil away in the background are interesting in their own right (and they have all the loot as well!). This month we take a look at the North Tusk Orcs as we interview several members of our team who have helped bring them to life. Speaking of team members, we are proud to introduce one of our newest additions, Ross Worthley, who brings his skills as an Environmental Artist into our fold. We close it all out with our most important recurring feature, our Community Spotlight, where we meet DracoKalen and learn what he is most looking forward to in Pantheon.