Rogues, Rangers and Monks!

Posted date / 05.16.18

We reveal to you the treacherous Rogue, the versatile Ranger and the disciplined Monk.

The Rogue

In the shifting sands of this fragile era, Rogues are sought out for the faceless affairs of nations. Yet their allegiance is rarely to a banner or creed, but to themselves. With daggers drawn, the treacherous Rogue is a ruinous force, unraveling their enemies with terrifying speed and efficiency. As melee specialists, Rogues have trained extensively with one-handed weapons, but are most deadly with a dagger in their main hand, plunged deep into the back of their enemy. Read more about the rogue here.

The Ranger

The wilds of Terminus call to Rangers, drawing them deeper into its mysteries. It is in these untamed regions of the world that Rangers are forged into versatile and ferocious warriors, united with the land and animals they commune with. Read more about the ranger here.

The Monk

The way of the Monk is a path of harmony between the body and the soul. Through longstanding discipline Monks have transformed their very being into resilient, living weapons which they are able to wield against their enemies with devastating effect. Read more about the monk here.

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