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July's Pantheon Newsletter

Posted date / 07.12.17

Greetings Pantheon Fans, and welcome to July's newsletter.

Before we get started with this month's features we wanted to talk a little about some of our goals here at Visionary Realms with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. When we first set out on this adventure we knew what kind of game we wanted to make. You know what kind of game we want to make because you want it just as much as we do. And we knew we could reach the community that has been starving for a challenging cooperative experience. What wasn't as clear at the start, though, was how we were going to explain to all of the other gamers what kind of game Pantheon will be.

For some, it's easy to make comparisons to some other MMOs, but we wanted to make something different as well. We wanted the same core of promoting social interaction and understanding of true risk vs. reward but we wanted to be able to communicate this kind of experience to players who have never played some of these other MMOs. So for us, a big part of our journey has been in reaching out to these players—the ones who are thrill-seekers, who fill their hard drives with co-op games, who desire and thrive as part of a large community. We wanted to not only reach them but welcome them into our growing community.

So we constantly ask ourselves: "what is Pantheon?" To someone who doesn't have a point of reference, how do we explain to them what makes this kind of MMO special and important? This month the man who may be the most qualified to do so explains his thoughts on why a game like Pantheon is needed. Check it out in our feature interview with Brad McQuaid titled The Importance of Community-Focused Gaming.

In our second feature of the month Zippyzee gives us an inside look as to what he has been up to with AI design, bringing our NPCs in Terminus to life. Read all about it in For the Love of AI.

And of course, don't miss our monthly community spotlight. This month we have a chat with Yarnila. Find out what makes him tick here.

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