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A Shaman’s Story

Posted date / 12.07.16

I had always trusted Arewynn. She was as honest as she was pious and I would surely never doubt her or her devotion. Today, however, that trust was beginning to erode. It had all started out well enough as we had set off on a simple job, to retrieve an artifact from some old ruins, and while there is always an element of danger, times being what they are and all, this task seemed pretty straightforward. With the recent losses we had suffered within our group of trusted allies, we knew that we would need help to get through some of the rougher environs. Lacking only a couple warm bodies to feel comfortable, we had haggled a bit. I wanted a good pickpocket, as there may be traps or locks to get through, but she wasn’t so sure about including such an unscrupulous individual in our ranks. Arewynn insisted on bringing along a massive ogre, a race which I am loathe to be near honestly, but knowing that my acquiescence would secure her consent for the renowned thief Kilsin, our bargain was sealed.

In hindsight, I could have just smashed through the damned locks! Although the rogue was proving his worth with several well placed stabs, the ogre appeared to have lost his mind and was simply muttering to himself as the rest of us were assailed on all sides by the most fearsome group of orcs I had ever encountered. Elandros, a wizened practitioner of magics whom we had some dealings with in the past, had several of the attackers waylaid with lights and colors, but it was proving to be only a minor help as the furious blows of the remaining horde were turning my trusty shield to scrap. “Machail!” shouted Arewynn. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold my concentration!” To lose her valuable remedies would mean our certain deaths, so I redoubled my efforts, but I feared that I was merely delaying the inevitable. Why was this mountain of leather clad muscle just standing idly by as we faced certain doom?

As if on cue, the ground around the ogre burst forth, throwing rock and earth into the air, as a ghostly apparition of a wolf appeared from the newly opened fissure, which disappeared from view just as quickly as it had appeared. The ogre barred a fearsome grin and his eyes burned with a fiery anger as he turned on our ambushers and unleashed a barrage of magics that I had never before in my life witnessed. With each new command the orcs seemed to grow weaker, slower and wither away before our eyes, the very air around them seemed to become thicker. My muscles pulsed with boundless energy and renewed strength, my sword seemed propelled with newfound speed. The ogre began tearing through the visibly shaken orcs, his mace crushing against their skulls while the ghostly companion at his side began to rip the foul creatures apart. Knowing they were bested, those that still had the strength to do so fled from us as fast as they were able, while the mystic bellowed at them: “Do not run from Medawky! You will only die tired!”

Shamans, through their abilities to commune with ancient spirits, harness powerful mystical energies that can help heal and bolster their allies, while debilitating and weakening their foes. Although many consider the class to be one of support, a well-played shaman can serve as a primary healer for the right group. While their damage output may not be as high as a dedicated DPS class, the shaman features a spirit companion that helps bridge that gap and make them a well-rounded and welcome addition to any party.

Shaman are chainmail and leather wearers who can wield maces, spears and staves and have the ability to equip shields.

Senior Game Designer Corey LeFever had this to say about the class:

"The Shaman is primarily a healing and support class. Their single target heals won't be the most potent in the game, but they'll have regeneration effects to provide health over time to their allies. Through Boons they'll give allies powerful stat gains, and through Curses and Hexes they'll debilitate their foes."

The shaman is initially slated to be available to players who chose the Archai, Ogre or Skar races, however that list may expand as development progresses. Are you excited about the shaman class? What races would you like to see considered for inclusion? Let us know on our Forums, Twitter or Facebook.

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