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December's Pantheon Newsletter

Posted date / 12.07.16

Here we are in December, and boy is it going to be a doozy!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Twitter you’re no doubt aware of our upcoming Twitch stream this Friday at 11am PST. And if you haven’t been following us, what are you waiting for? Follow us on Twitch at

We’re very excited about the stream as we will be exploring two new zones and revisiting some old ones. We’re also showing off new character models. You’re going to love these. We’ve shown a Human and an Ogre in our recent announcements but we have a couple more to showcase in the stream including the Archai and Gnome. And how about that shaman? For the first time ever we’ll be showing off some shaman gameplay complete with the shaman-tastic spirit wolf pet.

Not only that, but you’ll get a choice in streams! CohhCarnage ( will be joining us to explore the new goods. It will be the same group playing the same content but you have a choice in perspective and chat rooms. You may even opt to have them both up.

To get ready for the stream this month we bring you a Shaman story which we think you’ll enjoy as it brings to life the spirit of playing a shaman. Also be sure to check out our latest Community spotlight with Evoras.

From all of us at Visionary Realms, happy holidays and we hope to see you Friday.

P.S. If you can’t make the stream, worry not. An archived video will be available after the stream on both Twitch and YouTube.

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