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My 3 guesses are Beastlord, Necro, or Zerker.

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    January 3, 2019 12:31 PM PST
    Ok, so far we have 13 classes. I broke them up in 4 groups.
    Each group consists of 3 classes, with the scout having 4.

    1) Tank: Warrior, Pally, Dire Lord
    2) Mage: Wizard, Summoner (pet class), Enchanter
    3) Healer: Cleric, Druid, Shaman
    4) Scout: Rogue, Ranger, Monk, Bard

    Now, I understand that half of these classes are considered hybrids. Bards will be able to heal, cast, melee, etc. Druids will have dd's and dots, making it a hybrid caster class, same with Shamans. Monks (may) be able to tank a little in groups, but they will be considered melee dps..

    With that said, I will be shocked If the secret class is not one of the only 3 logical possibilities.

    1) Necromancer: A popular class in EQ, and considered a mage/pet class.
    2) Berserker: Zerkers are another old EQ class, and are more of a dps class that can tank.
    3) Beastlord. This class came later in EQ, with the release of Luclin. It's considered a Pet/caster class.

    I guess you could throw in Magician as a 4th possibility. They are another casting/pet class from EQ.

    If I were to guess which one will be the secret class out of these 4, I'd have to go with ((((Necromancer))))
    The Dire Lord and summoner will probably share some similar abilities, and since there is just 1 actual pet class, I believe there will be 2 at launch. Imo, it will probably come down to The Beastlord or Necro.

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    January 3, 2019 1:01 PM PST

    2) Berserker: Zerkers are another old EQ class, and are more of a dps class that can tank.


    Just a lil' comment, the Berserker came with the Gates of Discord expansion, much later than the Beastlord, and is far to be an "old EQ class". While the concept is interesting, but a bit overlapping with the warrior back then (Warriors entered a berzerker rage when low HP in EQ, which guaranteed triple damage critical hits instead of doubles, ie : Crippling blows).


    I would have nothing against a Berserker in PRoTF, since they released the ranger would not be allowed to use two hander, there is room for someone here as a DPS/offtank.

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    January 3, 2019 3:21 PM PST
    Yes, I'm aware it came after Beastlord. Beastlord came with Luclin. Necro and Mage were at release. I played EQ up until late 2004, GOD was released earlier that year.
    My apologies for calling the Zerker another "old EQ" class. But, considering how long EQ has neen around, 15 yrs kinda makes it an old class, right? Lol.

    The class I'm guessing will be the final class is Necro, but I'd like to see the Zerker simply bc they were a fun off tank/dps class in EQ2. But, I'd be ok with either of the 4 listed above. There's room for each of these 4, and they are classes were all familiar with.
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    January 3, 2019 9:14 PM PST

    I think the sumnmoner is already the equivalent of a mage (elemental pets, weaker nukes than a wizard)? They've previously talked about trying to squeeze necromancer in if they have time or at least considering it, so that's what I would put my money on.

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    January 4, 2019 9:01 AM PST
    I literally just watched a stream on youtube that displayed all 14 classes. The Necromancer was one of those classes with an * asterisk next to it..
    I guess it's safe to say we know what the 14th class will be. The question is, will they be ready for release?
    Since Pantheon is about to or already in Pre Alpha 4, Alpha could last around 6 months, followed by a good year of closed beta. They have time to develop the class, but we have no idea where they are in terms of class abilities from level 1 to max, stability, balance, etc.
    I've tested quite a few MMORPG's over the years, EQ2, Vanguard, DAOC, to name a few. From what I've seen thus far, there's ALOT of testing that needs to be done with the current classes. My guess is at least another year. Then comes the sever stability stress tests. If the Necro is indeed the 14th class, it will need to be playable by the time Alpha starts. If not, then I look for them to be added with a huge content update 3-6 months later. That's just my 2cp.
    The thing I find amusing is I guessed the correct class before finding out about it today, lol.
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    January 4, 2019 10:42 AM PST

    Oooo, which stream was it?

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    January 4, 2019 12:32 PM PST

    Well we know that Bard is for sure going to be a class as per hints from Joppa on Bazgrims interview with him, but this might be the actual first public reveal of it.

    Also, on their Race/Class Matrix it clearly shows Necro and Bard with (*) next to their names meaning they we'll most likely be coming out with those classes before, say Zerker, which isnt even on there. To me the (*) just means it may not be at launch because its a crowd funded game and they might have not gotten as far in developemnt as they wanted when they made that Matrix. 

    Anyways, My opinion, is they reveal BARD first, then NECRO, before any other classes.

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