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What makes a monk a true off-tank?

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    December 7, 2018 6:15 AM PST
    If you look on the pantheon page under classes, the 3 tank classes (warrior, pally, direlord) are all listed specifically as "TANK."

    However, the monk is the ONLY class that says "OFF-TANK."

    My question is, what are they doing or giving the monk to make it a true off tank.

    You would think that another warrior or pally/dire would make a better off tank since they seem to be the True tank classes like pantheon is pushing.

    They seem to be specific that the monk is NOT a tank. So why go with a monk to off-tank instead of having another tank fulfil that role?

    I played a monk in eq2. They were labelled tanks, albiet probably the weakest (with raiding in mind). However, they could tank and were built around tanking.

    What I loved most about the monk was that they were weak tanks, but if you were geared well and played the class well, you could be a badass tank. It would really blow some minds of people that swore monks couldn't tank...but I was a raid Main tank a few times. I loved it. I hope it stays the same here.
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    December 7, 2018 11:29 AM PST

    I'm sure if you wanted a tank class to off-tank for your group they would be great at it (likely as good as your group's tank).  But the monk being able to off-tank would probably imply that if the situation arose in a group that they couldn't handle adds some other way, the monk could hold his own for long enough, until the tank was available to take over.  Their primary role is DPS.  They should generally outshine a true tank in DPS, and that's generally why groups would want them (and their utility).  Being able to tank in a pinch is just a perk they have over other melee DPS classes.

    It will probably be implemented with abilities with short duration and/or longer cooldowns, and possibly some abilites that tanks get but not to the level they get them (like parry or block), as well as better hp than other DPS classes, and possibly better AC.

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    December 7, 2018 10:53 PM PST

    If you look at the class page, you can read the abilities (as of now anyway) that give you an idea of how they work as Offtanks. Basically, they are short-term tanks that rely on cooldowns and certain abilities to mitigate damage and heal themselves, but in doing so they will lose DPS (due to mechanics and resourses to use them). So burst defensives with some burst healing over a short duration (same for threat generation).

    Hope this helps.