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    December 7, 2018 5:30 AM PST

    nevermind just ignore my post, I guess I got it all wrong.



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    December 7, 2018 10:26 AM PST

    This is probably superfluous, as the assumption is you've read all of the recent recruitment threads, but have yet to see anything you like?

    If not.. well, murky waters. If there's one game that entails patience from the playerbase, it's this one; posting before reading entails lack of said quality ^^


    With the assumption then that nothing currently available's to your interest, i'd advise waiting it out (patience again). The majority of people parting with their money this early have a different mental hierarchy; already, you're in for the exception rather the rule. Am probably appearing as pedantic/patronising, which is hardly the intention; just doing my outmost to.. politely hint that your age and what the average mmo-playing audience is like today makes proper friendship rather, err, difficult.

    Am of a similar mindset to yours in terms of what's important; and of a similar age (meaning this is where i'd ask you to have a look in my thread, only again, assumption is you already have). So while i wish you success, i do feel i need warn you that in the intervening 20 years a lot has changed in terms of the 'core audience'. While your goals are perfectly understandable, you may find they're not readily.. shared.. by most, regardless of what they may advertise. Here or ingame.

    Sincerely hope you find your niche!

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    December 7, 2018 5:30 PM PST

    I removed my message cause it seemed I have offended you, and I'm sorry for that, was not my intention.


    I did read the first message from Kilsin and I didnt get the impression I shouldn't post this kind of message. And I saw many other post from people trying to find a guild...not sure why you stopped on mine. Or sometimes people are just negative in general and will always find something to try to make themselves feel above the others...

    I did get some friendly help from others and I also sincerely hope you find what you are looking for


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    December 8, 2018 9:41 AM PST

    My fault entirely streen, though for reasons most evidently above your understanding. Will be the first to admit am not always a learning animal.


    Once again, sincere best wishes.