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Weapon Size:Body Ratio and Holding Greatswords

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    December 3, 2018 10:48 AM PST

    Sharing some thoughts on dwarf design. Nothing too in-depth here but I'm really hoping for what I consider "proper" weapon/body ratio for dwarves in Pantheon. Often times in games I see the weapons for dwarves being scaled down, as in my mind I've always seen dwarves using human-sized weapons despite being smaller. My hope in Pantheon is that if a dwarf and human are both wielding the same weapon, that the dwarf's weapon would be the same size as the human's.

    And on that note, I've always been a fan of the "over-the-shoulder" resting position for greatswords and thought that this would especially make sense for dwarves if they're wielding human-sized greatswords. It'd be neat if even some of the armor designs included a small pad on one of the shoulder pieces where the greatsword would rest. Of course, I'd be happy to see this over-the-shoulder design for all races who are holding a greatsword, but feel it makes particular sense for dwarves.


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