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    November 25, 2018 5:01 PM PST

    I decided to sit down and write out and organize all my cluttered thoughts on a class I think would be fun, flavorful and something I would love to see. Keep in mind, this is purely fan made so any suggestions / changes would be fun to talk about!  Another thing to note, as of the making of this, I have not yet got to experience how the use of mana + other resources work. So please keep that in mind while critiquing this. As of the initial posting of this, there are only a few abilites I can think of, so there might be only a few abilities listed. There is so much more I feel that not only I, but many other minds could add to this, so feel free to check back to see if any improvements or additions are made. :)


    The Witch

       Dark Myr            Elf             Halfling        Human            Skar

    Historically the witchcraft label has been applied to practices people believe influence the mind, body, or property of others against their will—or practices that the person doing the labeling believes undermine social or religious order. Malicious magic users can become a credible cause for disease, sickness in animals, bad luck, sudden death, impotence and other such misfortunes. Witchcraft of a more benign and socially acceptable sort may then be employed to turn the malevolence aside, or identify the supposed evil-doer.


    Group Role:  Healer / Support / Utility

    Combat Resource: Mana / Wiccan Quintessence


    The Witch gains a percentage of their Wiccan Quintessence as a resource from the manipulation of nature, allies or enemies. They may use one of three "Practices". Gardnerian (Strong ties to nature and challenge societal norms), Thaumaturgy (Healing and miracle working), Diabolism (Worship of evil, curses and disease). While The Witch is capable of changing their practices during an encounter, they do so at a cost. Everytime The Witch changes to a different practice an internal conflict occurs, causing 20% of their remaining Wiccan Quintessence to be lost. Wiccan Quintessence is regained by the current practices manipulations of either nature, allies or opponents. As well as naturally when out of combat.


    Available                    Available

    Armor                        Weapons

    Cloth                                  One-Handed Piercing

                                                One-Handed Blunt

                                                Two-Handed Staves

                                                Certain Shields

                                                Certain One-Handed



    Featured Abilities


    The Bonds that Cleanse

    Casting this ability applies a bond with the caster and an ally that lasts for 7 seconds. While The Bonds that Clease is active, both caster and target will benefit from each other resource, mana and health regeneration effects by X%. This ability benefits from not only each players natural regeneration rates, but any effects from other abilites placed on them by other classes. This effect ends the same time combat ends.


    The Bonds of Unity

    Epic Skill: The Witch can evolve their "The Bonds that Cleanse" into "The Bonds of Unity". This causes the same effect on the entire party and increases the duration from 7 to 10 seconds. This does not effect entire raids.


    Hex Bags

    Passive Ability. The Witch may select only one Hex Bag to wear at a time by placing it on their belt.  This creates a "presense" around The Witch that is passivly active for all those within X meters of The Witch. Hex Bag's may be beneficial or harmful. These effects do not stack with other Witch Hex Bags.

    Hex Bag of Rejuvenation:  A small bag filled with a tiny healing potion, a crows feather, finger nail of a faerie and the dried tail of a newt. This Hex Bag produces regenerative properties that every party member within X meters of The Witch will recieve a resource, mana and health regeneration bonus while out of combat.


    Hex Bag of The Evil Eye: A small bag filled with dirt from a grave, bone fragments of a murderer, a dead swamp flower and tiny vial with the preserved eye of blind man. This Hex Bag will give all enemy melee within X meters of The Witch a small chance to feel as though an evil presence staring over their shoulder while they attack. Giving them X% chance to miss their next attack.


    Hex Bag of Twisted Tounges: A small bag filled with the tongue of a frog, the ashes of burned hair from a sorcerer and 2 drops of The Witches blood. This Hex Bag will give all enemy spell casters, within X meters of The Witch, a small chance to reduce their spell casting speed by X% on their next spell cast.


    Hex Bag of The Slobbering Drudge: Epic Skill (Active). A medium size bag filled with the hand of a kidnapper, a small person item of The Witch and a small lock and key. The Witch throws this Hex Bag at any sentient being (any NPC race such as an orc, dwarf, human, etc.). When the NPC catches the bag, The Witch takes temporary posession of the NPC. The NPC becomes a Slobbering Drudge to The Witch, allowing them to retrieve any party members corpse, returning it to The Witch. When the corpse is dropped, the Slobbering Drudge drops the Hex Bag as well and returns to it's original position, unaware it has been posessed. The Slobbering Drudge will not aggro any other NPC that shares a faction with it.



    Gardnerian Abilities (Nature and Faction Manipulation)

    Weather Manipulation (placeholder name) Ability names and funcitons to come...
    This ability will be able to manipulate weather by X% for Y duration when no items for certain climates are available. And/or decrease the amount of time it takes for your character to become accustomed to a climate? Epic Evolved ability: Benefits whole group?


    Ally elemental manipulation (placeholder name) Ability names and functions to come...

    A buff that increases the elemental properties of allies and/or decreases enemy elemental properties? Increasing the % of an allies self buffs, such as the wizards "Char" ability. 


    Increase / Decrease faction standing (placeholder name) Ability names and functions to come...

    This ability, like the enchanters ability, will increase faction standing for X% of the time? Decreasing the faction standing or wiping an NPC's faction standing for X duration, causing nearby faction NPC's to attack the target?




     Thaumaturgy Abilities (Healing and Miracle working)


    Places a weak to medium heal over time onto an ally. Healing X damage over Y seconds. While Invigorate is active on the target, all other sources of healing are increased by % percent.


    Portent of Panacea

    Epic Skill: The Witch may evolve their Invigorate into Portent of Panacea. Giving the ability a small chance to comepletely heal the ally when another ally (other than The Witch) heals them. 



    Diablolism Abilities (The worship of evil, curses and disease)

    Abilities to come...






    Well, that's it for the moment. My mental fortitude has reached it's maximum capacity for now! I'll do some more thinking and add to this a bit later. Please feel free to share ideas and thoughts on this! As I said before, I feel this class has a lot of potential for lore and flavor.


















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    Love this!