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Guild Charters/Interface, Fellowships, Rest EXP

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    September 24, 2018 8:13 AM PDT

    I'm wondering if the community is responsive to the following ideas:

    1.) Guilds must be part of a Charter to exist. The charter is actually a Master of Guilds AI or software that manages most guild-related business. The charter must be payed in coin for a guild to be created. For larger guilds to operate, the charter must be payed in coin constantly. This could come through as a neat little interface to guild statistics, ranks, comments, and even a mini-forum all built into the game's software? Guilds members can communicate with voice via the guild charter.

    2.) Fellowships between players exists. Given this, we like to keep our closest friends, allies, companions up to snuff with us and vice versa. We can't be gaining experience all the time, but at least we should hold some in reserve to teach to our Fellow players when they are able to join us? Each fellowship has a contract (like the guild charter) where players can request coin from other players in the fellowship or reduce experience shared with one or all others in the fellowship... maybe even conduct trades over distance in a limited fashion (mail). Added bonus of Fellowship: if the bulk of our companions are clustered in known raid area, leveling area, major quest area, or City then the character will choose to be able to wake where he went to sleep (logged out) or he can choose to wake next to his Fellowship and immediately link of with another individual or small group of people and begin to get to work or accululate Rest Exp himself in the City.

    3.) For a triple threat, Allow Rest EXP (the ability to gain bonus exp but of only a limited (finite) amount that is reasonable) to those that remain logged onto their characters in Cities or in close proximity to a City. This will serve to increase visable player population in dense nodes, strengthen the desire to switch between trade/tradeskill and adventuring (EC Tunnel rejoice!), and as a twist only those players in a Fellowship or Guild will recieve Rest Exp. This will heavily discourage the player from having no obligations and grinding ridiculous amounts (it's not about the experience points... it's about the EXPERIENCE).

    Thoughts? :)

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    October 28, 2018 1:31 PM PDT

    1 sounds neat. Certainly, there are set features that guild websites all use and take advantage of, like voting, calendars, voice, and forum, but I don't like the idea of communication being locked behind a paywall (he said, from a members only forum). Fans should be free to chat with hopefuls, and vice versa. Putting official forum content into a form that you might not even be able to read without logging in to special software - the client - would prevent many people from accessing the game, let alone interacting with the community and maybe making a friend.

    2 sounds like a mix of a caravan, a group, and a small guild. I'm in favour of all three, though not necessarily mixed in that particular cocktail.

    3 I'm not entirely on board with either. I mean, I get that rested xp brings players back to hubs, and provides a mostly guaranteed meaning to settlements having meaning in the game other than 'where the vendors are,' but punishing the player for their play style? If they can get a group to grind out those levels or gear or whatever it is they want, more power to them. If it is, indeed, about the experience, then it should be up to the player whether they want to make that long grind to max level a 4-month one instead of one that's 1.5 or 2 times that duration. As well, rested xp applying only to killed mobs was a nice little bonus

    Thoughts, thoughts... My first thought goes towards wanting to point out that it is all about the experience, but you're kind of forcing a punitive socialize-or-die, blind invite guild culture, where people will join guilds and not say anything because they need to be in a guild and itr provides levelling bonuses, and it's simply the most efficient way to level. And that might work for some games, but I think that making people join a guild just because you have to in order to attain balance shifting bonuses goes against what Pantheon is trying to be.