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    September 12, 2018 10:08 AM PDT

    Hey guys, just a question towards the devs here, will the game have certain advantages or disadvantages on grouping with other races or similarily 'elves grouping with elves' ? i think it'd be pretty cool if two elves or a group of elves had a certain advantage when going out killing from their belief or religion or lets say a skar grouping with a human, since skars are KOS to most, would that also lower the humans faction with other hometowns for as long as he's grouped with the skar? 

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    September 14, 2018 11:23 AM PDT

    Probably won't be anything put in place that sways grouping decisions in that way. 

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    September 19, 2018 7:06 AM PDT

    I think that having "social" racial abilities would be cool but I don't think there would be any negative faction hits for grouping with another player since that may be counterintuitive to having diverse groups.  I do think the similar race grouping bonuses would be very cool though... similar to the Warrior's "Wall of Shields" ability that encourages warriors to group together.