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Server locations and types at launch and beyond

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    September 9, 2018 3:43 PM PDT
    • Do we know where the servers will be physically located yet at launch? any planned after?
    • How many servers are being planned at launch? 
    • Will there be a euro server? and will it be multi-language supported?

    Cheers. Sorry if it's already been answered.

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    September 9, 2018 5:04 PM PDT

    Yes I believe this has already been answered... but basically they said that they don't have any specific locations pinned down yet but due to the nature of how their server architecture works, they can setup servers wherever they need them.

    As for the number of servers it's been said that they will be using beta to get a feel for how large of a population they want on each server, not to large not to small, and then they will have a better idea on how many servers will be needed at launch and how many they will prep just in case the game blows up fast and they need to add more ;-)

    Euro will also be supported but I'm not sure what (if any) other languages they have in mind for supporting.

    I think they also said they want to support Oceanic if they can, so hopefully all you Aussies and Kiwi's can have a server for you guys. Don't quote me on that though as I don't have any specific link to where they said this. And I'm not sure if they will physically put a server close to you or just designate one as Oceanic, which means you would have high pings. But we can cross our fingers for you.

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    September 9, 2018 5:06 PM PDT

    I really hope they'll have a Russian server, otherwise the EU server chats are going to be all in cyrillic

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    September 13, 2018 5:07 PM PDT

    Goofy pretty much nailed it. Servers can be placed anywhere around the world in under 15 minutes, so they'll be wherever they need them to be. That includes having a European server, if they determine there is enough demand for it. (Which, personally, I imagine there would be.) But they'll have a better idea of how many servers they'll need and where they should be once they get into Beta and have a larger sample size of testers.

    As far as supporting different languages goes, that really depends on how the game will be published. I believe they are searching for a publisher that won't take over creative control, but will still be able to assist with translations. It's currently not really within their scope to do all that themselves. So again, we may not get a firm answer on that until closer to launch. But of course it's in their best interest to make the game accessible to as many people as realistically possible, so Beta will really give them a lot of important data about what the needs of the community are.

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    September 13, 2018 7:23 PM PDT

    Bazgrim said: Servers can be placed anywhere around the world in under 15 minutes

    I appreciate the enthusiasm Bazgrim, but I really doubt they can really do it in 15 minutes. It's not like they can have a meeting and say "I think we need a server in France" and then Bobs your uncle 15 minutes later they have a physical server computer in place in France, connected to the internet with the needed bandwidth, and with all the latest server software loaded up and ready for people to log in.

    Now if you are referring to adding a server to a place they already have servers in place, then yeah they may have things prep'd in such a way that they can just plug in a new pre-loaded server into the ethernet and press power, and blamo new server is ready for players. But that's hardly 'Anywhere around the world' :-)