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    September 2, 2018 4:12 AM PDT

    Diplomacy could be a thing in this game. Having a class build around that topic is something different.


    A diplomat would be a class that influences the prices of the goods he's selling or perhaps even the faction he gains/loses. 

    So if a paladin sells a dagger for 5 copper, the diplomat would be able to sell it for 6. (Don't stumble of numbers or key words please.)

    A diplomat could have various trees to get skilled in: 

    Lobbyist: None-combat playstyle

    Strategist: Offensive playstyle

    Tactictian: Defensive playstyle

    I'll try to explain a bit more.

    The core idea here is a class that diverts negative things and enhances positive things. In combat I'm thinking of a main focus on dodging and proximity buffs to groupmembers. A clear difference with buffing and debuffing mobs as a bard. Bards would still be doing damage as well. This class however is all about dodging and boosting defenses, be that solo or group defensives or blockchances. This based on positioning. So where you have a lot of classes that boosts defense and block, but do other things as well: like damage or heal or regen. This class main focus is just that. So his dodging abilities require an enemy in close range, his defensive abilities require him to be out of range of an enemy. Spells on other players are linked to a short range proximity to that player (aka if you're not standing close to him for certain spells, you're not getting it).

    Lobbyist/influencer would have more passive abilities or temporary buffs as it were that would allow him to influence the return of cash/goods/trades and other none item rewards from npc's in towns or out in Terminus. What this means for the player alone is, they can work on accomplishing something faster or bigger in a none-combat situation compared to another class. It naturally alignes more to a crafting oriented gamestyle. But it could very well be a much desired class for other classes as wel. As they would be looking for those players to make their guild or returns more profitable or efficient.


    Strategist is more offensive in the way that, the class could boost offensive spells or classes through his abilities. His own ca's or spells are very limited however in the way that they do not mezz or mass heal or mass damage. So his function within a combat group would be primarely to enhance groupstats by use of passive abilities and perhaps his influence at close range. So this boils down to: a character being in close proximity of combat and foes, enhancing groupmembers standing next to him with short buffs for mostly dodging, perhaps even a temp soakhit ability.


    Tactician is a more defensive skill tree. This again is incombat but instead of close range, he stays ranged. Boosting those classes that are ranged and again dodging and perhaps blocking or enhancing dodging skills for other players. Being ranged might allow him to put out some more groupbased spells to improve the group's defense or block chances, something he can't do when in close proximity of an enemy for example.


    Thinking about his manapool. This pool could regenerate as he dodges in combat. So his cost is short temp buffs and shielding techniques. Some techniques and abilities could offer him a mana regen over time or temp boost regen. So a DoT for him in a ranged situation could be: putting up Tactician's shield. It costs him mana over time but mana is recovered either when he succesfully dodges incoming attacks or when the hit has past and the remaining blockingpoints are recovered into mana. (I'm just inventing on the fly here, but I hope you get where I'm going with this).


    Different abilities: self block (ranged ability), groupblock (ranged ability), other groupmember block (outside range of enemy), direct block (in range of enemy), block over time (in range of enemy?), rescue block/soak hit (in range of enemy), temporary dodge spell (self or friend at close combat), temporary dodge debuff (close range enemy), group dodge spell (for friends in close proximity with an enemy at close range), based on his hp a self rescue immunity, single target aoe blocker (ranged ability), group aoe blocker (ranged ability).


    What do you think about it?