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Bard Song Mechanic

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    February 2, 2019 12:39 PM PST

    I was leveling at the launch of Brell server, it was next to impossible to find the spawns needed to use that technique. We were fighting over every spawn let alone having a mass to call our own.  Someone would have just thought you were in trouble and pulled them off you.

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    February 15, 2019 6:56 AM PST

    I dont think we should dig ourslefs to deep into the hole of "singing and performing" is what bards do. Bards are a magic class and has been in games since the beginning. They just use their magic differently.
    Also playing a bard should not have anything to do with RL music knowlage, its not like we require clerics to aswer anatomical questions as they heal.

    Risk, bards in EQ had a higher risk then DPS to be agroed, many of the core songs were heavy agro generators (slow, mez and so on)

    As for DPS, bards have always has resenable DPS and needs to continue that way, when i say always im going back to the D&D, EQ and DAoC (Vanguard..) This is for many "fun" reasons but also by necessity. Every other class, including chanter is resenable useful in a group even if there is already another of the same class there. Without DPS the secound bard would be almost useless in a group where there were already a bard. Again going back to EQ the discussion in this thread proves that they made bards almost perfect in performence. Correctly used the bard did not provide wast DPS, more focus was placed on the CC/buff/Utility part. But if needed the bard could switch to a more DPS focused role and still be useful. He couldent do both and thats the key.

    As for my suggestion for actual mecanics, i dont really know, twisting for long time is not fun and removes some of the "social" aspects, its very hard to text chat as you are twisting. That said /melody made it very passive in a group where you dident need to charm/mez (perfect situation for a buff bot)
    I think Vanguard were on the right track where you created a song with multiple affects but songs shold not stay up forever, you should regulary need to recast them.