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The phonology of the Skar language.

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    August 10, 2018 9:42 AM PDT

    From the 'On the Skar' racial page:

    “They spoke of a planet called ‘D'shoth’, but without a shred of longing. Their one deity had a name very similar, ‘D'shath’, which we learned means ‘The Nine God’. Towards it they held something much closer to hate.”  "Aza'gn"  "Fs'sok"  "Averish"

    So far we have seen little else about the Skar, specifially their language, its phonemes, syntax and vocabulary.  Im expecting the morphology of their language to be more gutteral in nature with long strings of consonants and few vowels.  I bring this up because one thing I enjoy doing is creating a name which would phonetically, at least, appear to be derived from the language.  I'm sure that a developer is doing some work on the Skar language as the various animals, NPCs, towns, villages, etc would all need to be created.  Are there any similarities to existing real human languages that were used as a basis for Skar?

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    August 11, 2018 10:28 AM PDT

    Good question, doesn't look like they have any lips (original version), so maybe no "b" "f" "m" "p" "v" "w" or have a different sound for them. Dought there will be any voice acting in Pantheon.

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    July 8, 2019 8:57 AM PDT

    I've been wondering about this (and all languages, really) myself. The skar seem very primal with a hive-like mentality. I'd expect gestures, posture and other physical cues to also figure in to the meaning behind what they might be saying.