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Tactile Contact of Harness Trait - Equipment Implications

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    July 13, 2018 9:52 PM PDT

     As a living conduit of the natural world, you are able to harness the Traits of natural things through tactile contact.

    This wording leaves open the interpritation that the Druid might have to actively  be in contact with a "natural thing" in order to be able to imbue the trait into a player. This makes me think that the equipment a Druid currently has on might play a role in the traits he/she has access to. This opens up a huge potential market for crafting that is specific to Druids. 

    Dragon Scale Breastplate, Chest - Trait Access: Flame Retardant - Imbue player with +X% resistance to Fire elemental damage.
    Magma Stone Earring, Ear - Trait Access: Conflagrate - Imbue player with +X% boost to Fire elemental damage.
    Rabbit Foot Necklace, Neck - Trait Access: Quickness of the Hare - Imbue player with +X% chance to proc +Y% attack speed bonus.

    Here, the pattern of ____ [equipment type] allows for any "natural thing" with an associated Trait to be crafted into the Druid's gear! With it equipped, they are technically in tactile contact with said thing!

    Of course we leave room for unique special equipment such as,
    Twig of the Ancient Sprout, 2-Handed Blunt - Trait access: Overgrowth - Imbue player with +X% chance to proc Verdanfire Vines.
    which doesn't follow the above pattern, but the equipment itself is the "natural thing".

    What do you think if our equipment is intimately tied to the Traits we will be able to cast? I like the lore aspect of it. What better way to "embrace the natural world" than by wearing it?

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    July 13, 2018 10:49 PM PDT

    Could be a cool idea. I did not think of it like that.

    I understood the definition:  As a living conduit of the natural world, you are able to harness the Traits of natural things through tactile contact. as a once time thing. Kind of like a quest.

    For example: You meet a druid master, he is asking you to explore issues in a forest. You fixed the issues (kill rotten rats), a black wolf comes to thank you, you pet him, you get access to the Black wolf speed buff as a reward. 

    Same with the panther, grizzli, oak. 

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    July 14, 2018 9:18 AM PDT

    I had imagined a druid with a bunch of junk squirreled around in their pockets. Want to cast Oaken? Fish out a stick, wiggle it at your friends, bam, Oaken Regeneration. Levitation? Whip out your feather. Black Wolf Speed? Got a tuft of fluff for that. Grizzly Resilience? I've got a tooth in this pocket... or was it this one?

    Your idea would probably work better in execution, Syntro.