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Druid Complexity and Skill Cap

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    July 13, 2018 7:44 PM PDT

    With the latest class reveal, I'm extremely excited to see the potential complexity involve in being a Druid both in combat and out of combat preparation.

    1) Juggling Harness Trait and optimally placing each single trait on an individual group member to maximize group efficiency seems very interesting. I love the idea of one trait per player as a kind of specialized subclass of buffs. This will make us think critically about who we buff with which trait dynmaically given the circumstance. Also, the fact that we have to potential go collect these traits prior to the group encounter via "tactile contact" invites the idea of us actively engaging nature prior to a group outing to collect relavant traits! "Oh, we are going to group in the frozen palace of doom? Let me make a quick trip to the Vicious Volcano to collect some volcanic rock to get the Fire amplification trait for our Wizard." Super exciting.

    2) Having Hirode the White Fox as a familiar with its own meaningful, supportive abilities is a big change. Hirode appears to primarily serve as a personal amplifer to your future actions. This level of planning and positioning Hirode will enable us the ability to micromanage for in combat spell optimization.

    3) The reverberation passive has the potential to be actively taken advantage of in combo with your groups other healer(s). When a group member recieves a Druid healing effect, that member will be highlighted in the eyes of the other healers as an opportunity to randomly protect a fellow group member. Though the jumping effect is random, randomness can be tamed and planned. Imagine one of the tanks is damage immune for a duration under the healing effects of a Druid spell, but the aggro switched to the Rogue. The rogue won't be able to survive the next few hits and you, as a cleric, have the choice to do a snap heal on the tank and hope the immunity transfers to the Rogue with some % chance of success, or attempt to heal the Rogue in time (maybe a bad example, but you get it). 

    4) The fact that some offensive abilities will be amplified with effects such as wetness and given the fact that Druids have been hinted to be able to control weather indicates that there will be clear combo potential within your own spells and other caster's spells aside from already comboing with Hirode!

    With all that in mind, I bet there will be distinguished Druids among us that optimally place Traits on each ally, execute timely Hirode abilities to maximize spell potential, plan reverberation combos with fellow healers, manage effects like wetness to optimize offensive abilities, ect. It seems our class might have a very high skill cap.

    How do you future Druids feel about the potential complexity of our planned class? I find it very exciting as skills can be developed and being a "good" Druid will be a goal for us all to strive for.

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    July 13, 2018 10:51 PM PDT

    I definitely agree with you. Druid is going to be dynamic and fun to play. Lot of things to manage if you want to fully use the fox at the max efficiency. I am plesantly surprise by the reveal and love the idea. I don't know about Druid being high skill cap. I would say that druid will be higher skill cap than a more basic class.