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    March 31, 2018 1:32 AM PDT

    I had this idea about creating a witch (if female), Warlock (if male). 


    "Those that seek forces beyond the realm of knowledge, those that are not necessary good or evil, but many who have chooen one or the other. Either way, they have learned that such magic comes with a price."


    Role: Damage dealer/Support

    They wear light armor, most 1h blunt weapons and daggers but they are able to use "wands" which only they understand how to use. Wands are unique to this class, they are consider 1h blunt weapons. They start off with a wand, which as they go thru the game slowly turns into their epic weapon. At different stages of working on their epic, they have to do "wand rituals" which changes the wand. First one could be a ritual that turns the wand into a torch for them so they don't have to carry one around. Not as good as a torch but better than nothing. Over time, they can add unique abilities to it, like reducing the "mana" cost of the skills by a few points. The idea is at each stage, players are given a choice on what they can add to their wand allowing them to custom make their wand.


    While shamans would be considered "better" debuffers, Warlocks/Witchs would be slighlty behind them and in some cases better. A shaman would have the ability to decrease a target's agility, slow them down, target their armor, etc. A Warlock/Witch's curse ability would effect all their attributes not just a single one, and would only be "improved" by others of their class. For example, Warlock 1 curses target, lowering attributes by 10%, the witch in the group curses the target, and this increases the curse from 10% to 12%, so forth and so on. Each time "refreshing" the curse.

    They would also get abilties in the form of Hexs, buffs and debuffs that would be cast on individuals or targets. This would follow the idea of "if/then" curses. If target attacks, then it takes X damage. If target casts a spell, then it does this, for example. In terms of damage spells, they would be dark energy themed and tend to be on the weaker side compared to others. they could also get "channeling" base spells. Spells that they cast and have to maintain casting, dealing increasing damage over time, heal over time to a single target/pet, or even doing a "transfer" of health/mana. No, the idea isn't to have a witch/warlock be able to heal a target but more along the lines of offer a little support to help out. 

    They also have the ability to summon a pet or familar. However, this comes at a price. A bond is formed when one does so, and the two become connected. By this I mean, if their pet takes damage, then the caster takes some. If the caster takes damage, then so does the pet/familiar. This damge would not interfer with the caster's ability to cast spells. Which compared to the summoner class, they would get the pet a little later. They would have to pick what type of pet they would want, Celestral or Demonic. Both would offer a range and melee pet. Celestral pets tend to have better resistance in some areas and weaker in others, where demonic pets would be the opposite.  

    Yes, I know this sounds like the Warlock from World of Warcraft, that's actually where the idea came from, but I liked the idea. It offers another "debuffer" to the classline up, that isn't as good as a shaman, but has potiental while offering a blend of summoner into the mix. Players get the chance to choose between good vs. evil, good might offer better support towards the party in their spells, where evil might offer more damage or even debuffs towards their foes. 



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    March 31, 2018 6:27 AM PDT

    I suppose it's inevitable that people want to see their favourite class/race/feature from past games all rolled forward into Pantheon.

    Don't you think that Shaman + Necro have most of the bases covered for what you describe?  You didn't mention necro at all in your post.  They're not scheduled to be in game at launch, but they are in the class matrix

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    March 31, 2018 7:57 AM PDT

    I did not that class, I generally only play Paladins. However, the idea and concept I really like. I didn't mention necro because we know little about it. 

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    November 1, 2018 8:52 AM PDT

    A Witch class is something I have wanted in an MMO for quite a long time. The idea of something of a secondary healer (Heal of Time spells), buffs/debuffs + hex bags. So much flavor and potential here.