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Pantheon:Lore of the Fallen Youtube Series

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    March 20, 2018 8:08 AM PDT

    Hey Folks,

    thought i would share this with you all. MonsterKoala has launched his Youtube Channel where he talks about the Lore.

    You can find his Channel here:


    First Lore Video:

    Pantheon: Lore of the Fallen - Before the Ages and the First Two Ages

    Make sure to check his channel out and give him a follow!

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    March 20, 2018 3:52 PM PDT

    Thanks for sharing, Yarnila!


    Great job Monster! 

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    March 23, 2018 7:54 AM PDT

    I checked this out yesterday. Definitely a fun listen and a great way to learn more about Pantheon's lore / the history of Terminus and its races.