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Joppa beats?

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    November 26, 2017 11:48 PM PST
    I heard joppa tunes on that bridge in the latest video... I know they're slamming you with all kinds of stuff...
    I know you're doing everything you cab right now to get the game going.... for the love of all that is holy in the cleric realm please throw is a tune! Anything.... I'll take a 30 sec sound clip at this point! Pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse it's been a year lol
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    November 27, 2017 6:12 AM PST ;   Lot's of tunes here @Widtho  if you haven't already listend to them :)  Enjoy

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    December 2, 2017 1:30 PM PST
    Yeah those are all older.