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Are the Archai an "evil race"?

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    November 9, 2017 1:52 PM PST

    After reading the racial biography, I am unable to tell if they are an evil race.  I read a lot about how they like to party and fight.  You could say the same thing about the Barbarians in EQ1 which were considered a "good" race.  What are your thoughts?  If there was a good versus evil PVP server, which side would the Archai be on and why?

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    November 9, 2017 6:03 PM PST

    Archai are a neutral race along with Gnome and I believe Halfling. 

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    November 9, 2017 6:41 PM PST

    It's to hard to label any race as good or evil. Racial factions are a complex web. But I don't think the Archai are really malicious at all. When they were created, they were even said to be "innocent." Then they were enslaved. Then they rose up against their captors, and now their lives are largely centered on celebrating their freedom. Nothing suggests to me that they have any dark intentions.

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    March 29, 2018 9:40 PM PDT

    Im imagining that we might trigger an event encounter of "mind-warped" Archai waging war against humanity because of prior circumstances. As far as them being Evil, some might have turned and joined a band of bandits or a mercenary crusade squad...again that's just my imagination digging deeper.

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    November 4, 2018 4:38 PM PST

    Good, Evil, Neutral... Really the only thing that matters is what that means in-game for KOS purposes. Can I trade/sell in this city, will the outlying guards in the surrounding zones/areas treat me as KOS? All the races will be playing together in the same group. We will have enchanters providing illusions, for a fee of course that should help in a limited capacity.