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Arcane Knight

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    October 17, 2017 9:56 PM PDT

    A melee class trained in the use of wands and wearing cloth armour, but the spells they learn focus around either offensive weaponry or defensive armour, and they could swap 'stances' to change the effect of their summoned armour and weapons.

    In my mind I picture a lone figure staring down a horde of orcs or goblins or ogres or whatever. They raise their hand, pointing their wand at the foe, and the air shimmers, a neon red blade snapping into existence with a crack, small particles of pure arcane energy subtly floating up from the blade. The Arcane Knight grins, and clenches the fist of his offhand. Not only does a shield shimmer into existence on his forearm, but a full suit of plate, crackling with blue defensive prowess boosting magics, gradually appears on his body, the magics flowing like water from the knight's offhand, covering their body, from the ground up. First the feet, then the ankles, legs, stomach, chest, and finally the head. Just as the knight's face is about to be covered he grins, anticipating his armour being formed, and launches into an attack. The Arcane Knight leaps into the air in a decidedly offensive action, shield splayed out to the side to give a clear shot to the foe. The blade is whipped down, and strikes the ground, creating a cone of fire in front of the knight. Regaining their upright position, the knight puts his dominant foot behind him, raising the shield in his offhand, and tossing the blade up with a spin, before catching its handle and charging into combat.

    I've had this class in my head for some time now, and think it would be a really, really cool addition to any high fantasy game. I imagine they'd also be able to summon a dagger in their offhand, which would adjust their armour to be lighter and more suited to quick movement. Given that this game is more old school, though, I'd have to put a restraint on their versatility, like using one offhand spell would put the other on cooldown for an hour or something. Make the choice of stance significant. Something about attuning a ring, or a bracelet, or something.

    They'd serve in either a tanking role if their defensive stance is chosen, or an offensive, AoE melee ranged magic role if their offensive stance is the one you'd prefer in that group. 


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    October 19, 2017 5:49 AM PDT

    Pick a role.

    Pantheon doesn't seem to really like the idea of one class performing multiple roles.

    Either it's a tank or its a DPS. Not both. We need to choose a core role for the class.

    Sure, a Dire Lord or Paladin might be able to DPS or Heal, but that is not a primary role. They have some supporting abilities that would allow them to perform another role in a much lesser capacity, but they cannot be a true DPS or Healer.

    With the Arcane Knight the idea of having a stance component built as a core mechanic to the class screams multi role class. As in both roles, Tank and DPS, would be performed in equal capacity.

    Now, if the stances changed how the Arcane Knight tanks.... that would be a better solution. One stance that focuses on defending against physical damage while the other focuses on magic resistance. This could make for a fun stance dancing component to manage during a fight. Image a boss that uses hard hitting physical attacks, but then also uses a big AE or a fear. The Arcane Knight would be great for this. Swap from physical to magic resist to avoid a fear, then swap back to take on the physical attacks after the magic is cast. Build in a pro/con system where the physical stance lowers magic res some and the magic res stance lowers hp. This way they aren’t gods of all things tank. In a fight where there is a constant magic component the Arcane Knight might be at a slight disadvantage over some other tank classes.

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    October 19, 2017 6:56 AM PDT

    While I'm still enamoured with the idea of a melee character both geared by magic and using magic in their melee capabilities, the stance idea was something that I tossed in at the last second as I was writing. Perhaps the defensive and offensive versions of the AK could be different classes. Like, spellthief, or something. Which happens to be one of my D&D favs.

    And, the Arcane Bulwark idea would work great, too; drop physical defense for 5 seconds to give a % damage reduction to magic and immunity to crowd control effects. Maybe group immunity to CC and the % reduction on self.

    Thank you for your imput. Really. I appreciate that you put some thought into your post. I really didn't mean it as 'god of all tanks,' more like a little flexibility with a lot of flavour. Like, the fire cone I mentioned in my flavour text could be just a small fire DoT with an added hate effect. Arcane Enmity, or something.

    Perhaps the downside to the AK's martial arcane proficiency could be an increasingly expensive material component to their armour spell, and high quality material components could be formed from the ether of fallen foes, or crystals in the land, or sacred fires blessed by different diety that provide different stats depending on which diety blessed the fire. Like psionicist from Vanguard, but more tanky and requiring vigilance to spot distillable ether sources 

    Or, perhaps the slight disadvantage they could be at is that they simply don't have all the physical mitigation temp buffs that physical tanks do. I'm not sure of what abilities tanks currently have in game, so I'm unsure how to approach balancing my idea other than to simply base it on what kind of game we think Pantheon is going to be, which is unfortunately heavily affected by personal bias.

    Anyway. Maybe the "stance" thing would be the ability to drop shield enchant for a bigger weapon?

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    October 19, 2017 8:25 AM PDT

    It really is an idea i'd like to see. I too would love to see an arcane based melee class or multiple classes.

    I always thought the idea of an Arcane DPS could be fun. Abilities that boost their DPS and their group's.

    I would love to see a class that used the arcane abilties to summon weapons and could enhance physical weapons.

    Class: Spell Sword - Single weapon melee class (no dual wield) who wields a parrying dagger in off hand to assist with defensive abilities that casts DPS augmenting spells on themselves and their group to boost DPS. Elemental based spell lines. Conjures weapons based on the elements.

    Armor: Leather or Cloth only.

    Weaponry: 1 handed weapons, bows, thrown

    Melee abilities: Dodge, Parry, Riposte, Kick


        Summon Weapon Line: Summons an elemental based weapon, procs a small DD chance on hit or some various proc depending on the weapon. Would have one for slashing, piercing, thrown, and ranged weapons.

        Damage Shield Line: Causes small amount of damage when hit, castable on group, elemental based.

        Weapon Proc Line: Adds a weapon proc to the equiped weapon. Affect depending on elemental base of spell.

        Armor Rune: Self buff to slightly boost armor to match that of chain.

        Melee Enhance: Self buff to slightly boost attack speed, rating, and to hit. Almost matching that of pure support classes (enchanter)

        Haste: Haste spell castable on group. 50% as powerful as pure support class. Does not stack with other group buffs from Spell Sword.

        Attack Rate: Attack Rate buff spell castable on group. 50% as powerful as pure support class. Does not stack with other group buffs from Spell Sword.

        To Hit: To Hit buff spell castable on group. 50% as powerful as pure support class. Does not stack with other group buffs from Spell Sword.


    Anyway, I can see myself playing an Arcane Knight. I really love the idea. The class could for sure have some DPS centric abilities, much like the Dire Lord is sure to have, just as long as those abilities don't start to allow a tank class to be good DPS. Tanks need some way to generate threat, and small DDs and DoTs would be perfect for the Arcane Knight. 

    Maybe with the stances, we could do one where it is a defensive shield and can be used during times when a lot of damage will be incoming, and the second stance drops the shielding and creates an ethereal 2handed weapon that increases dps *slightly* along with Threat. DPS wouldn't be increased enough to allow the class to be a REAL dps class, but would give a bit of a trade off for the lesser defense for higher threat/dps. Maybe this stance would allow for the tank to keep threat on 2 targets, in the case of a multi pull with no CC? I could see several ways to make the stance idea work and keep it abalanced.


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    October 19, 2017 4:24 PM PDT

    Or  we could just say screw weapons altogether. Instead, you have a lightly armoured maniac with his left hand in a practiced defensive arcane sign, and his right hand almost held like a claw, and he just slashes the air, or does a palm thrust, and the enemy reels from elemental assault. If hitthe enemy could find their ability to hit greatly diminished, or the damage they do against the target with Zabrax's Arcane Buffer enchantment active greatly decreased. You've heard of Mitigation tanking and Avoidance tanking. This is debuff tanking!

    Edit: Ooo, ooo! The AK starts out as I described above, with conjured shield and sword, with the option of bringing their hands together to be a bigger sword at the cost of defense, and this mechanic persists.

    As they level, the shield becomes a parrying dagger, and the parrying dagger can be eschewed in favour of a bigger main weapon.

    Finally, at or near max level, the AK no longer needs to adhere to the idea of having a summoned weapon of a fighting style that they have (in their own idiom) transcended. They are as I have described most recently, blocking things with a defensive sigil, or eschewing the defensive sigil for two offensive ones, lashing out with arcane energy in its purest form.

    For expansions, the AK could decide that the slash of a sword would do more damage than a loosely formed blast of arcane mastery, and they could form temporary ethereal floating weapons with every slash, and their shield could be visibly more sparkly and sparky the higher level they are, too.

    All through this the basic tenent of minor offense + major defense or moderate offense plus moderate defense would prevail. One stance for grouping, and one stance for soloing. Like most tanks.

    Stances: Called Sects. An AK learns of these sects of knowledge as they level, with the first one being the Wrath (offense), then Seclusion (physical defense), then Cerebral (magical defense).

    Sap Intelligence: Reduces opponent's intelligence and wisdom by 10, while increasing your intelligence and wisdom by 10 for 5 minutes.

    Arcane Strike: Deals base melee damage plus (scaled). 

    Elitism: Deals 150% melee damage plus (scaled). Deals an extra (scaled) if grouped with an INT caster.

    Extrospection: High CD. Does (high scaled) damage and adds (high scaled) hate over 20 seconds. Agro snap ability.

    Bliss of Ignorance: Frontal cone taunt + debuff. Duration =  CD + 5 seconds. Moderate length CD.

    Xabrax's Arcane Buffer: When opponents attack you, if they suffer from Bliss of Ignorance, their damage is affected. If the AK is embracing Wrath Sect, their damage is minorly reflected, but hits the AK with full force. (This would not be a good stance for fighting more than one foe, if solo. Maybe two if you have a healer buddy.) If the AK is embracing Seclusion Sect, their physical attacks would only do 75% of their normal damage. Finally, if the AK is embracing Cerebral Sect, magical attacks only do 50% damage.

    Infer: Drains mana equal to 200% of your melee damage plus (scaled).

    I could go on, but I'm just copying and tweaking Vanguard's DK at this point, with flavour names and theme appropriate modifications / additions. However. Cerebral sect could be a sub-stance / buff of Seclusion Sect. Maybe it could be called Flash of Enlightenment, instead, and just provide temporary benefits at the cost of dropping out of Seclusion while it's active.

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    October 21, 2017 12:53 AM PDT

    I like your style!