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The Wolf Pup from Tales of Gelfzyn

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    October 8, 2017 10:46 PM PDT

    The start of the low growl matched the stopping of the approaching footsteps. "I wouldn't move to suddenly Mylah, Sornir might think you were attacking me." I said as a casual warning while turning to face the direction of the footsteps.

    With a shrug, she came out from behind the trees saying, "Oh pha, how am I suppose to sneak up on you when you have a wolf guardian?"

    The sight I beheld before me was one of the most wonderful I could imagine. Mylah had grown in the last three years since we went down our seperate paths. Well, filled out accually. There were curves where I had remembered none before and the curves I did remember were more defined. As she walk slowly forward, she was all Mylah.
    I nearly forgot her question/remark.

    "Well", I replied, "He's not really a guardian. He comes and goes as he pleases, but will generally be around when things get interesting or for a free meal. It's ok Sornir, Mylah is a friend." At that the largga black Halnir wolf put his head back down and looked up at Mylah with big yellow inquisitive eyes.

    "Oh, is that all I am now after all these years, a friend?" said Mylah as she folded her hands across her chest. Yes, she was still all Mylah. At this I had to get up from my makeshift table and treat this as thunderstorm brewing faster than a Summer Ryode.

    "That's not what I meant Mylah and you know it." That didn't seem to lessen the chaos gathering, but it did cause her hands to move from her chest to her hips. So I figured I would try the little prepared speech, the result of the many times that I had thought about Mylah and what I would say when I met her again. "With all the years we've been apart and all the training. I think we may need to start anew." Now that caused her to raise an eyebrow.

    "And where would suggest we start." She stated with a fixed stare.

    Not seeing an eruption, I stepped forward offering my hand and said. "Bright stars and safe travels, I am Gelfzyn." That brought a smirk to her face.

    She then stepped forward bringing a hand up and said "And I am Mylah." at which point I found my self entangled in an embrace so complete that I could hardly move if I had wanted to. After a moment, well, a few moments, I was able to catch my breath and was allowed to untangle a bit.

    "Pleased to meet you Mylah." I said. That earned me a punch to the shoulder which I deftly deflected with an embracing kiss of my own. A brief struggle turned into a more relaxing engagement that finally ended with a sigh. "I really missed you Mylah."

    "I've missed you too, Gelfzyn" murmuring as she laid her head upon my shoulder.

    Now this was an entanglement that I could stay in forever, if it weren't for a soft whine coming from the ground near my feet. That noise also brought Mylah's head up slowly.
    "Interesting pet you have there Gelfzyn." Mylah said eyeing Sornir with a sideways glance.

    Untangling a bit more I replied, "He's not really a pet, more of a companion. As I said before, he comes and goes as he pleases. Let me introduce you." I bent down, taking Mylah right hand in mine and placed it on Sornir's head. "Sornir, this is Mylah. She is a very dear friend of mine and I would like you see her as you see me." We then sat down on the bench by my work table.

    Sornir got up, this putting his head about on level with ours, and sniffed at Mylah's feet, legs, and all around her body. He then move a few feet away and sat down looking at her with those big yellow questioning eyes of his as his head tilted to one side and then the other.

    "Hold both of your hands out to him, palms up." I said. Mylah gave my a quizzical look, but complied with my request.

    Sornir then looked at me and I gave a slight nod to him as I put my arm around Mylah waist and nudged her closer to me. At that, the wolf stood up and approached then laid his head upon Mylah's lap. "You may now scratch him behind the ears." I whispered.

    "A very interesting companion, Gelfzyn. Very interesting." Mylah said as she gently rubbed the base of the wolf's ears.

    "Now" I asked "Tell me about the adventures of your training. What did you do? What skills did you learn?"

    Mylah turned her attention to me and replied, "Well, I'll tell what I can, but first you have to tell me how you came to have a Halnir wolf as a companion."

    At that I shrugged. "It was really an accident." I started, "I was on a task for my Pathfinder about two years into my training."

    It was mid-morning and I was about halfway to the Gate when I heard growls and a lot of thrashing in the underbrush off to the side and deep into the woods. I was near an animal trail that crossed the main tail so I followed it towards the sounds. After a bit I could see the large shape of a bear rise up. I then heard a crash followed by wolf's yelp. For some reason, I moved out of the underbrush and seeing that the bear was about to finish off the wolf, cast the new Animal Fear spell I had with as much intensity as I could muster. I hoped that I had enough power to affect something as large as a bear. The bear stopped in mid-swing, looked around, and then ran off into the woods.

    Breathing a sigh of relief at having scared the bear off, I approached the fallen she-wolf. It didn't look good and I had the feeling that the wolf knew that as well. A small yip caused me to turn my attention to a thick area in the under brush. There, two small yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. The weak growl brought my eyes back to the she-wolf. She had raised her head slightly as if to get up, but could barely turn it to look towards her pup. Her eyes then looked at me, but they had lost the aggression that they first had. She glanced at her pup and then back at me. Her eyes now seemed weary. Exhausted by this effort, she laid her head back down and closed them.

    I cast a weak Calm Animal spell on the wolf pup and quietly moved nearer to the den. I notice the remains of a few pups scattered about as I approached. Apparently, the bear had discovered the den while the she-wolf was out hunting. The little ball of black fur looked up at me in expectation. I fished a piece of dried meat from a side pouch of my pack
    and using it to focus his attention, gently pick him up, and cradled him my arm facing away from where his mother lay. I glance over my shoulder at the she-wolf and notice that she had one eye open watching me. "Don't worry, I'll take care of him for you." I offered and, after a moment, she closed that eye. The only sounds now were her labored
    breathing and the soft sucking of the wolf pup who was now fully focused on the trail ration that I had given him.

    Back on the trail, I now had a decision to make. Should I continue with the task my Pathfinder had given me or tend to my new charge. It really wasn't much of dilemma and I headed straight for Gran's hut on the outskirts of Sorhiryth.

    Gran said that she didn't think the encounter was purely random and then schooled me in what I would need to know to raise the pup correctly. She kept the pup with her for the first few weeks and said that I would have to visit every day to stay connected with the wolf. When he got older, he tagged along with me on my tasks. I ended up training him at the same time I was being trained. When my Pathfinder found out, I was surprised that she totally agreed with Gran in that I should accept the job of raising the pup. It was later that I found out about the bonding of an animal as a companion. Most Rangers end up with a smaller animal like a weasel or hunting bird like a falcon. A wolf was rare, but not unheard of.

    "So there you have it. Sornir and I have been together for about a year now." reaching for a waterskin as I finished the story. "Water?" I offered. After Mylah had taken a sip, I asked "Now, tell me all about being a Rogue."


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    October 9, 2017 3:54 AM PDT

    Your continuation is as much a joy to read as the previous installments.  Well done Gelfzyn, once again thank you for sharing. Although now I want to follow the adventures of Sornir as well as the ranger/rogue duo. I'm thinking Gran is a Druid, though I don't recall you mentioning her talents.  I can't wait for the introduction of a halfling bard to the tale...

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    October 9, 2017 5:59 AM PDT

    I'm surprised and impressed at how much writing talent there is in this community. So many good stories on these forums. This one included of course.

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    October 9, 2017 12:04 PM PDT

    Cheers Gelfzyn. I am definately enjoying your tale. Thank You