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    July 30, 2017 12:15 PM PDT

    anyone remember that little memic kid in the early final fantasy games? the little kid that had only one ability, to memic certain skills learned from fighting mobs. think about a class that doesnt really use weapons but instead polymorphs into various beasts via magic. would be an interesting thing to be in a dungeon and someone could polymorph into a ferret to gain access to a locked door rather than hunt down a key... just a thought. 

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    July 31, 2017 11:46 AM PDT

    While I don't agree with your example, as classes who get abilities that allow them to trivialize mechanics end up being a requirement, the class as a whole sounds like it could be fun. Some kind of shape shifter class that has its abilities shaped by its current form. As long as the class's over all role doesn't change drastically with form. What I ean is like the WoW druid who can go Feral and perform any role. DPS, Tank, Heal, etc. The abilities need to stay within a single role, say DPS, but the forms change how the DPS is done and its affectiveness on specific target types. 

    A cat could be better against other animals, a bug good against plant life, some kind of fantasy creature could be good against inorganic targets like elementals, etc.

    As long as the concept of each class only being able to perform a single role very well, or a couple of roles "kinda ok" is adhered too, this could be a fun idea as long as its not just a copy/paste from another class.

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    July 31, 2017 12:24 PM PDT

    I'd love to play a shapeshifter-type class. It could be a lot of fun, but these sorts of classes also tend to be extremely difficult to balance - usually cause it's too easy to make them OP. Especially in Pantheon, where class interdependency is so paramount, a class that can change forms into almost anything would seriously run a risk of being too good at too many things and offsetting interdependency. There would have to be some significant restrictions, but doing so without interfering with the lore of the class probably be a huge undertaking imo. I'd like to see an example of an MMO with a viable shapeshifter/polymorphing class, cause I feel like most game designers aren't willing/able to get them right.

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    November 1, 2017 1:49 PM PDT

    I read the Secret Class forum and thought about characterizing classes
    What would be missing.. most deal about adding and removing, or in tank class concept, keeping it the way it is (or rather where).
    So I came up with changeling and then checked the topics, seeing this post (as such decided to add to it).

    There is changing of inanimate objects, the crafter if you will. But that is in it's current form a passive contributing type of factor.
    I could think of adding a craft form in animate objects with an active substractive type of factor.
    Such would not need to be a passive crafter type behind a spinning wheel making whool padding. You already have crafters and crafting in that.

    Adding a craft factor to a playing class would not need to be overpowering; as Bazgrim said, restrictions.
    One could advocate of removing transform abilities from the other classes (enchanter would be casting mere illusions).
    Then said class could add utility where changes in form and appearance are beneficial.

    The class would be the class to turned to for the more unusual shape changes (SoW buff being slower then the wolf form itself)

    In a fight (like the ranger changing ppl into wolves during fight as a proc) the class would then be manipulating form, substance and duration.
    Making a target bigger so it can be hit more easely, or longer to chop pieces off, or transforming a rock monster into a cookie to reduce it's toughness.
    Changing the very ground it moves upon so it can't move fast in the muck. Getting it's sword go up in smoke, half blinding the party (screen, not windows), but be able to hit less.

    Maybe it could add and remove beards on Aradune.

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