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The Power Hungry Gnome, Moikuato

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    July 26, 2017 1:36 PM PDT

    Moikuato: The Path To Glory.


    Status: Cult Leader of Creators Will.

    Before the disaster in the Gnome world...

    There lived a Gnome who studied very intently in the arts of summoning. The Gnome goes by the name, Moikuato. Gnomes has a habit for ongoing probing on Arcane and the endless tests and studying Arcane. After the Eldership allowed the Gnomes to go in Elos to gather Bright stones. Bright Stones held promising properties and benefits for Arcane Research. However Elos is not something to be taken lightly for it created intense rays of light capable of blinding. Those with untrained eyes were left empty handed but to those who can withstand them brought Rersivore. A mineral that can store arcane and can be drawn out onto the very bodies of gnomes. The power was so great that those who are capable to contain such power had been rumored to surpass warriors and mages. Those that can wield such powers are called Archanos.

    After some time I had created a secret society called, "The Creator's Will". A Society of elite arcane users. We believed that there lived the Creator. The Creator made all the things that can be identified using the basic humanoid senses. Arcane is the Will of the Creator. Now those who are attuned to Arcane are the result of the Creator's Blessings.

    Our goal was rule above all beings under the will of the Creator and to crush the Archanos Hierarchy. For they are standing in our way.

    Everything was doing fine, but not everyone shares these same ideas. I was betrayed and the Eldarship and Archanos intervened and ended the secret society. Many died in the incident. The betrayal enraged me. I was then sent to a High Security Prison. Locked till I face my trails.

    "May the Creator protect me."

    During The Crisis:

    Status: Former Cult Leader Creator's Will

    The world was tearing itself apart...You can hear many cries and see countless gnomes rushing to be saved from the disaster that forced them to place their very essence to the special body. Which is made out of special materials. It was all our fault...our obsessions nearly lead to our downfall.

    Alarm Blaring in the security prison:

    With the place falling apart I took advantage of the situation to be free of the wretched place. I used my summoning spells to fight my way out of the prison and hid among the mass. The mass taking turns to transfer their souls to their new bodies. I then took my turn.

    "Well at least I will be alive" I said looking at my new body. I can feel the ground shaking and hear explosions across the land. "This will take some time to get used to."

    [Data Expunge]....

    The New World:

    Status: Tenacious

    After the crisis I was able to make a new home with the surviving Gnomes. I then decided to venture to the new world, Terminus. The place of which many Gods had changed themselves to become mortals and to walk amongst their creations. The only problem with the whole god-mortal relationship are the dragons. Dragons, the one's who can prevent the gods from directly influencing their people. Which will cause me some problems. Therefore I will have to plan accordingly. If I can become god then and with the combination of my powers, abilities, and knowledge...I can become a disciple of the Creator.

    I look over the horizon as I prepare to descend to the new world.

    "If gods can become mortal...who's to say a mortal cannot become a god." -Moikuato the Power Hungry Gnome.

    [Data Expunge].....

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    July 26, 2017 1:45 PM PDT

    Nice one!

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    July 26, 2017 2:09 PM PDT

    I like it OceanB.

    Especially, Status: Tenacious.

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    July 26, 2017 4:44 PM PDT

    Those rascal gnomes - always experimenting, pushing boundaries, blowing things up.  You have to love the little guys!  I enjoyed your tale OceanB, and will give Moikuato the Power Hungry a wide berth should I ever encounter him. (*looks worried*)

    Thank you.

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    August 1, 2017 3:35 PM PDT

    I have been planning on making it a video series in the future.

    This post is just for the background of one of many characters in the show.

    I also have planned out the plot and how the story will progress in arcs. 

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    August 30, 2017 12:32 AM PDT

    Prologue part 2 The Three Creators:

    Creator of Life: The creator of life, Yavin created not only life but the gods as well. He loves making new things and see them interact. When his creation reaches far across the horizon. He then created Gods who then they created their own creation within the boundaries of Life. Yavin now watches over his gods as they do wonders with their creations and as they live and survive their environments.

    Personality: Wise and the Bringer of Hope.

    Creator of Arcane and Destruction: The Creator of Arcane  and Destruction, Faldor imbuned all life with his blessing. His Blessing allows living things to fight for what they believe in regardless of the moral compass by tapping to arcane. At times he is bored and is disgusted with the over abundance of life, love, and linear lifestyles. He had a discussed with the Creator of Life and Creator of Chaos about how linear and plain existence is. There was little to no improvement at all and no challenge what so ever.

    Personality: Intelligent and Openness. 

    Creator of Chaos: The Creator of Chaos, Sabrina created Monsters because she loves monsters. She then created dragons to block the gods from directly influencing their creation to make existence a bit less handicapped. Which she did that for Faldor's sake. She also likes to play with her monsters.

    After some time later the Creators created many challenges for their gods and creations.

    Personality: Similar to cat-dog person but with monsters.

    The unsafe Gods:

    Gods, the invincible beings with untold strength. At least unless they are willing to remove their godly title to roam around at a mortal. For the be block the gods from directly influencing their creations. Some gods were able to survive their new mortal life while some were unfortunate and were killed by the very creations. Not a lot of info was given for the rest of the fallen gods. One of the Fallen gods is Syronai. She did what she can to help her creation only to find herself dead in an outbreak.

    The ultimate price for power:

    Faldor the Creator of Arcane and Destruction took notice as Gnomes were drilling at a source of power. Many were rewarded with powers. This angered Faldor because of how strong the Gnomes were getting with little effort as they collect brightstones from Elos. Blinding some was not enough. There must be an ultimate price to gain such powers. In Exchange of gaining powers and having immense knowledge of Arcane a price must be paid. Elos became unstable and the entire Gnome race were in danger. They moved their souls to an inanimate bodies. For their actions they shall be cursed with non organic bodies and to lose their sense of taste, touch and smell. Their energy can recognize the outside world through frequency that gives information to the soul's essence.

    Faldor and Sabrina's Trials:

    Faldor along with Sabrina took the liberty to put the creations on Terminus on the Ultimate test. He orchestrated along side with Sabrina by creating dangerous monsters and to let them wreck havoc.

    Prolouge part 3 coming soon: Gods going rogue and the fragile balance between them.

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    August 30, 2017 5:22 AM PDT

    Well done again!

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    September 6, 2017 10:32 PM PDT

    The Council Of Gods

    1: God of Arcane, Magesty: A being made from Bright Stone Itself. Lives in Elos and is the Guardian of the Rift.-Alive(going rogue)

    2: Goddess of Crystals, Krystal: A being made from Crystals. Related to Magesty but with different views of how to run things with mortals.-Alive(going rogue)

    3: God of the Trades, Khazas: Sacrificed godhood to improve his creation's life.-Alive

    4: Goddess of Sea, Syronai: Sacrificed godhood and made the last and final changes on her creation so that they can live on after a great disaster.-Deceased

    5: God of Knowledge, Known as, The Liberarian: The Book Collector. Collected the Seven Tombs of War after Rothuk, an ogre lord foolishly ventured too far in the books.-Alive(going rogue)

    6: God of Betrayal, Ossari: The God Assaulted the Human race and killed their King, Amensol.-Alive(going rogue)

    7 & 8: Twin Gods of Elves Aellos and Dythiir: The Two gods helped their creation find Haven and a home after a Great War.- Both Alive

    9: God of Sins, Aza'gn: Renamed from Nine Gods to seal the wound of sin. Aza'gn still plays as the sinfull Jester role.- Alive(going rogue)

    10: God of Monsters, Beast: Ended the War in the Age of Chaos once the Ravaging King is killed.-Alive


    Gods going rouge:

    After the deciding war and the death of the first god. Some felt dispeased knowing that they would be killed if not careful. Not taking any chances with the weak Council they left and did their own things. Thus The Council of Gods has disbanded as the remaing gods left to improve their creations.

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    September 6, 2017 10:51 PM PDT

    Plot Overall

    Creator conducting tests to challenge the Mortals.

    Gods Coucil torn apart as a goddess had died and after the age of Chaos ended

    Some Gods became ruthless and went rogue.

    Moikuato the former cult leader will land to terminus and is on the path to power. Takes the role as a Villian.(story wise)

    Will Terminus survive another war? What are the rogue god's Plans? Will Heroes rise up and stop Moikuato or will there be a "bigger fish"?


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    April 10, 2018 11:51 PM PDT

    Thank you guys for replying and taking time to read this. I have been hyped up for the game and was trying to get it all out and was occupied with it. Laptop was not working all that well. I worked and saved up to buy computer parts and putting them together. I have been working on the story. Basically I will be recording and streaming and making content. Then using parts of the content and roleplaying from RP guild(s) to build the story for fun because I love the lore and want to commit to this MMO game.


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    April 12, 2018 6:07 AM PDT

    Look forward to seeing more!  Always a pleasure reading your work.