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Satire: Dark Disciple

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    April 9, 2017 11:57 AM PDT
    It's a monk/necro hybrid. He lifetaps... WITH HIS FISTS. When he feigns death he can reanimate himself as his own pet. Instead of safe fall, whenever he starts to fall Dead Man Floating auto casts, and your character says, "They all float down here." But sounds less like a necro/monk and more like a creepy clown. Due to the monk side of the hybrid the Dark Disciple can't carry much, but that's okay because Dark Disciples pets have unlimited inventory and will give stuff back. The Dark Disciple doesn't have a harm touch like their third cousin the Shadowknight, instead they have the Hundred Hand Slap. Their hands a blur, they attack all enemies in a radius around them, aiming for pressure points, and channeling dark energy. The attack acts as a pbaoe stun. And let's not forget that since the Dark Disciple lifetaps with his fists all those slaps would be healing him too.
    Yep, that's what I'm playing on release. A troll Dark Disciple.

    (Note: This post was for satire only. I'm fairly certain it's already been established that there is no secret class, and that this sub forum is going away when the new forums arrive. So, what's your favorite nonsensical class that will never exist?)