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Most Memorable moments as an EQ Enchanter

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    May 23, 2017 9:18 PM PDT

    Venjenz said:

    Nephretiti said:

    Proving to everyone I met that the single best puller in-game really was an enchanter... angered so many monks with that...


    Enchanters are EQ1's best pullers, hands down. 


    There isn't a monk or bard that could ever compare to what a borderline reckless enchanter could pull off. "O hold on guys ive gotta wait for aggro to clear on my FD" Said no enchanter ever.

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    August 19, 2017 10:47 AM PDT

    My 1st toon was a Ranger, i played him to max lvl at the time. I got in a group outside of Karnor's Castle and this Enchanter joined the group and started chain pulling and parking mobs like nobody's business. I was impressed. I started my own Enchanter not long after and fell in love with the class, making it my main class forevers. I became a proficient puller and never had trouble getting groups if someone in that group had grouped with me in the past. I remember being in a planar raid where we had to fight to the boss and i asked if i could be the puller and the raid leader said yes! using pacify, mem blur, eldritch runes and dopplegangers i was able to get us to the boss without any headaches. we had a monk or 2 in the raid, so i was surprised that they let me.

    There was a time earlier than that where my group was fighting in some dungeon full of kobalds. I was past level 20, but hadn't chosen a surname yet. we ended up getting trained by what felt like 20 mobs. i'm sure it was less, but i was barely able to get them all locked down. meanwhile my group was whittling them down one by one. i remember having to sit and med just enough mana to reapply mezz on one mob and sit and med again just enough to mezz the next mob, and on and on it went until we had killed them all. It was more mobs than i had ever locked down before. i got a nice round of praise from my groupmates and i typed in /surname Mezzmaster. Because thats what i felt like after that ordeal.

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    August 26, 2017 7:23 PM PDT
    A few:
    Being told on an undefeated boss for the server that Runes would be a waste of gems. During the post wipe lull, I decided to do it anyway. Started with the clerics, then druids/shamans/necros while still waiting, then anyone else who had a buff slot still open. So about 80 times 1500 (?) HP. We won, I think I was the only one not surprised LOL
    Plane of Earth(?) when all the nasty tree AoE mobs were pulled. The other 3 (or was it 5?) enchanters assigned to the other trees lost control and every person wiped or logged out, except me. With AA skills I had lots of mana and took control of all the trees. Then the first (previously camped out / backup-safety) cleric logged in and saw me standing solo with all the trees under my control. The officer playing the cleric didn't know what to do so had to have a discussion. After a couple minutes they told me to die so we could fully reset (which took like an hour). /sigh. I was annoyed, I so had that.
    Plane of Hate - staying up until 6 am on a work night to finally get the chanter gear mobs pulled. Not many stayed that late for us (and mages?) even though we were there for them since 8 PM the night before.
    Using invis, mez, campouts, and charm to slowly work solo into areas others hadn't seen yet when an expansion came out.
    I'm up for Team Chanter if others are. We can form a group with nothing but chanters and see what we can do when new stuff comes out! That would be hella fun I think.
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    September 8, 2017 9:44 PM PDT

    Running from Qeynos to Highpass with my brand new 4th level Encanter and his new invisibility spell, only to find out that Giants are high level mobs that can see though it. Oops. Sitll made it though.

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    December 22, 2017 5:36 PM PST

    Oh man, barely remember...


    Chanter, lvl60-65 in an old Kobold cave, that got taken over by Elementals of all kinds after some expac. lvl 55-75ish

    Nothing but elementals, hundreds of them.

    We ended up getting caught in what we later deemed "The Highway" which was a certain corridor that at least 20-25 Elemental roamers pathed... 

    It got so damend crazy, every 10-20 seconds another mob would come around the corner and add on us. Mez, mez, mez ,mez, sit, mez, sit, mez

    It took about 20 minutes or more to eventually clear each and every mob, 2 of us dinged during it, was amazing.

    I remember ,literally SCREAMING irl , during it, just yelling to myself, sh!t sh!t, don't eff up Sut, don't eff up Sut. If you eff up, it's over!

    I fondly recall going to bed later that night, still finding myself thinking about it and smiling ear to ear as I drifted off, knowing I had achieved what few there had before.


    Main reason, I simply can NOT wait for this game to come out.

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    January 31, 2018 12:30 PM PST

    Cannot leave out a song for the Enchanters :)

    Can't Mez This   (written and performed by Jethal Silverwing)

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    February 1, 2018 5:21 PM PST

    Jolie said:

    Cannot leave out a song for the Enchanters :)

    Can't Mez This   (written and performed by Jethal Silverwing)

    almost sounds like mc chris