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    April 29, 2018 4:47 PM PDT

    I really like this idea for a class, it would be something I would definitely enjoy playing in any game that had it.


    (Prepost edit, I use symbiosis and possession interchangably below. However, maybe symbiosis is the buff attached to PC's and parasitic attachment the debuff on NPC's?)

    To prevent abuse as an OP buff bot as addressed in one of the posts, the symbiotic ability could have a buff timer and a form of diminishing returns. Diminishing returns such as the buffs received by any character would lose their potency over the duration of the symbiosis. HP pool buff gets smaller until finally leeching HP from the symbiotic host, haste buff reduces to an actual slow, etc., unless the symbiote is paying attention and exits the possessed before the buff duration expires on its own. While a cost to maintain the buff is imposed on the symbiote and increases in increments at half duration or some such. Upon the sybmiotes exit, be it from buff expiration or voluntary/involuntary early exit via buff cancellation the cured PC could not be repossessed by that same symbiote for X time so it would work as a debuff that simply prevents repossession but has no other adverse effects on the cured. As I began to imply, if the symbiote remains for a full buff duration, different penalties could be imposed on the symbiotes shell based on the type of buff that was used. Decreased overall HP/mana pool/regen, snare, resist debuff, etc. Now, the symbiote is responsible for debuffing two members of the party if they aren't truly paying attention and being active in the game.

    The same can be done while in parasitic form, but also since you have a "bond" with the infected creature, upon depossession all aggro is transferred to your shell and the creature is untauntable for 1 second. In other words, because the "bond" makes the creature aware of your shell, but unable to harm it due to your control of it's body, for the duration of the parasitic possession the creature would become more and more enraged the longer it is possessed, maybe adding a 1-5 seconds dmg buff upon depossession, or maybe just a longer untauntable time. This would definitely make the symbiote take pause and carefully consider which creatures should be possessed.

    Cure psn/dis spells used on your currently possessed target should fling you from the possession and back to your shell, causing you to take one time, % based direct true damage. You are afterall, a parasite. The offset to this is of course, since the possessed is already "infected" by a sentient parasite, all poisons/diseases received are passed on to your shell, and the resist check for said psn/dis is passed on to your shell as well since it is you who will be preventing this dot. Or, the resist check is based on the symbiote completely, and if resists fail, both the symbiote and the possessed take the dot, not split dmg, but full dmg as if both had been dotted.


    Anyway, I had tons of things going through my mind concerning the possibilities for this type of class. Truly limitless things you could do to make this a great and complicated class for  someone who likes a challenge. 


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    April 30, 2018 12:58 AM PDT

    I'm glad you like the class idea Etahfo.  I was thinking about this the other day when I saw the Venom trailer.  A class like this would definitely require a special kind of player because of how team reliant it would be ... but like with most support/control oriented classes, it could be a big difference maker on the battle field.

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    August 28, 2018 4:18 PM PDT

    I just posted about this topic, with a somewhat different approach. Please check it out!