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    January 27, 2017 2:38 PM PST

    I have no idea how this would be implemented, or whether it even could be implemented given what we already know about PRF.  I just know several people who want to focus on crafting and are tired of games where every character is a master crafter as a hobby.  Some of the problems I can think of with having a crafter class are as follows:


    -My friends cite SWG as their ultimate crafting MMO.  I never played, but my understanding is that each character had so many points to spend and these could go into combat -or- crafting skills (maybe other things also).  If your points all went into crafting, you couldn't fight.  PRF doesn't seem likely to have any kind of system like that.


    -If you can't fight, how do you gain experience?  How do you get materials from monsters or from areas that are filled with monsters?  Is PRF a game that would have a character that can't fight at all?  I'm thinking it's not.  I guess they could give the class some fighting ability and just have it suck at combat compared to every other class, but I don't think that's a great solution either.


    -How would the Craftsman specialize?  Doesn't seem like a good idea to have each Craftsman be able to do every crafting skill.  Seems like they would need a specialization system different than the other classes would have.  This also makes me think it really doesn't fit the game.


    In summation, I think it would be cool to have characters that only craft (or at least characters that sacrifice combat proficiency to be better crafters), but I really can't see it happening in PRF.  I'm going to guess most people here wouldn't want it to be set up this way anyway, but I thought I'd check.  The Vanguard system does sound pretty complicated when it's decribed to me and I'm hoping that will be enough to lure my friends, but they are saying they want crafter characters if they are going to play.  Also, I tried a search and felt this thread was different enough from what I found to put it in here.  Sorry if I missed something with the search.

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    January 27, 2017 4:43 PM PST

    They could pull a FFXIV and make crafting have not just skill ups but its own levels with xp granted based on the difficulty of the crafting. There was also a lot of talk in quite a few economy threads that talked about there being a merchant class or tradeskill that required leveling up through trader and business licenses. For everything from stalls to market trading to consignments.


    I would say part of the benefit of being able to chose being a Craftsman class as opposed to a battle class should grant you the right to master all crafts, tradeskills, and gathering. Afterall they need plenty to do seeing as combat (which is like a large portion of the game) is blocked from them. Maybe their specialization could be in the form of access to content and not level of skill or mastery.


    Funny side note: Due to a glitch in early broken as hell FFXIV I tanked Ifrit once with my Fissher class by stunning him. So I would constantly ask my friends in a joking manor if I should bring my Battle Fisher and would make up /emotes for ridiculous Battle Fisher attacks like:

    Amsai uses Bait 'n Tackle on Ifrit.

    Ifrit takes 9999 damage.

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    January 27, 2017 4:57 PM PST

    Hmmmm, I guess you could do it that way.  Everyone can choose a couple of skills, but maybe a Craftsman can learn them all and maybe have a higher skill cap?  So, that's one problem solved.


    I guess they could pay Mercenaries from your thread to protect them while they harvest, or take them to the Amberfaet forge...or have guildies help them.  Then, as long as mats from mobs were all dropable, I guess they'd be all set.