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To Shield or not to Shield

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    June 9, 2019 5:24 PM PDT

    I dunno man, I feel like forcing us to use a shield is kind of putting warriors into a box. I mean, there are historical warriors who have used two weapons and own the competition. For example, Musashi with his duel katana style or Dein Wei of romance of the three kingdoms renown, who used two axes (or two Chinese halberds depending on the translations). I used to main a warrior back in EQ and I used to love imagining my self as this massive juggernaut who could just take all the hits and still dish out the pain. 

    Also, we are warriors. If I wanted to see my self as some sort of squad based phalanx unit, then maybe soldier would of been a better name for it? I am fully commited to reviving my old Ogre Warrior, but it would take some of the magic out of it for me if they forced me to use a board and sword. 

    My biggest concern as well is the role of min/maxing in this game. Its why I steered clear of WoW and hated FFXI. Everyone became this cookie cutter 'best combo' just to get a group. Oneof my fonder memories in EQ is being an Ogre tank and having a halfling wipe the floor with me due to his gear which was stamina focused. 

    In all honest, I just want to relive the days of tanking with a Wurmslayer and a Short Sword of the Ykesha in the off hand. 

    Maybe if they gave us the choice to focus on a style of tanking, like dodge, shield or HP based..?

    Just my two pence.